Tactical Research, Design & Development Division

*Chief's Crew*

   Because of security and specialty concerns, we cannot reveal last names or who's who. Our authors are Dane, Ed, Nick, Dave, and Angel. This is the extent of the info you will receive on our authors. Please do not ask for additional info, as many of our authors work under "Pen Names" and value their privacy. Thank you.  

'The GunMetal Mission'

   We are reliable professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in various harsh environments doing a vast array of functions. Using a diverse variety of Gear including (but not limited to) Countless Mags loaded with 100's of types of ammo through 1000's of different Firearms, various BDUs from almost every company, Tactical Gear from the top manufacturers, Lights/Lasers from top of the line companies, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems that were still in the prototype stages, countless Edged Weapons (some of which never hit the market), and so much more. Our Gear testing perimeters are solid and have been used by many groups, for many years now, it has only been recently that we decided to share our tests, our documentation/procedural info, and the valuable results. 

   We break our kit on a regular basis, because we like to push our own Gear to the limit, and thru our testing, and pushing, this Blog was born out of necessity. We dont just Blog about the newest, coolest gear right off the shelf, we Blog about the same piece of gear 3 months down the road after extensive usage and abuse. Then we take it a step further and Blog about how each piece of Kit is holding up after 6-12 Months of use/abuse and so on. Just when you thought that was enough, we end our testing with a set of criteria that is designed to give the end user or buyer a 'score' they can go off of. A ranking system to let them know what pieces of kit we found useful and tough enough to last, and what pieces didn't stand tall. We feel anyone can make a product work great out of the box, its 3-12 months down the road that we're looking at. However, there are circumstances where just a simple gear review blog post is enough, we do those as well.

One last area to touch on is 'negative reviews'. Inevitably there will be groups and companies who make gear that doesn't quite 'pass muster', and doesn't get a good score/review from us. We would ask that those companies and our readers keep in mind that these are simply the testing and opinions of our writers and testers. If we found a certain product not to be of use to us for whatever reason, that's our opinion and our prerogative.  We aren't trying to step on any toes, and we certainly aren't here to win a popularity contest. We believe gear that's meant to be used by the folks who put their lives on the line every day: I.E. Police, Federal Officers, US Marshalls, Soldiers, and so on, deserve a clear honest blog written by a group who will test from an unbiased standpoint and tell the absolute truth. Remember back when 'Made In The USA' meant that product was the best? Well all U.S. Gear Manufacturers are supposed to make better products to a higher standard, its time we held them to that. And helped the companies that can make better gear, to make it better. 


   We can write a review on the Gear you send us, and put it thru a vast array of testing procedures. We can write reviews for any magazine, or any publication based on any product sent to us. Some products end up getting very beat up during the testing process, so most of the time we end up keeping the gear, but sometimes we send it back to the manufacturers. If it is a prototype, we will gladly take good care of it, and send it back to you after we put it through its paces. Our writers and testers will often rotate and test 4-5 different types of gear at a time, so as to minimize any possible comparisons. For example, they wont test 4-5 guns at the same time, they will test 1 pistol, 1 knife, 1 pack, 1 pair of boots, and a new type of BDUs...etc.

Instead of only 'testing' your own products in house, send them to us to have an independent, unbiased group of tests done to determine if your new product really is everything its supposed to be. Using a new steel for your new knife, let us test the steel. Using a new locking mech for the folding knife you just made a prototype of, let us test the strength of that new lock. We have signed and worked under numerous NDA's, so working privately to test various gear is nothing new either. We can push your gear to its limits...or we can do basic testing and reviews. We can also push the gear until it fails, provided you have enough faith in the product to actually let a group like ours
truly test it to that level. Our independent writers and testers have no favorites and approach each new piece of kit from a fresh P.O.V.

LOTS of companies advertise that their product is "the best", but we can prove it.