We haven't done much on NVG or Thermal Systems yet, so we decided to do some testing on a set that came in awhile back. These are the Yukon Brand NVGs, Gen-1, they come with a Head/Face System that has a multi-position mount. The mount Yukon uses is a nice one. It has the ability to adjust the Goggles in almost position you need them in for usage. The straps and padding on the Head/Face System are decent and the adjustments are ok. So far they work well in lowlight and no light conditions, however I did try a few aiming exercises with them on, and I couldn't even see the sights on my handgun. I am told this is a very normal issue with NVGs...but if you ask me, it needs to be fixed. With all the friggin tech we have in the world, you would think it wouldn't be that hard to make it auto focus. However there are some schools of thought that NVGs and Scopes are meant to be used with IR Laser Systems for high speed target acquisition. I have minimal experience with the high end NV Gear, but the ones I have used don't have Autofocus either. Next, we'll see how these hold up to some rough usage.