06-04-2012     Just received a Tru-Flare Pen Type Launcher, it came with the Mini-Launcher, 2 'Bear-Bangers', and 3 Mini-Flares....one in Red, one in Green, and one in White. They are nice and small, easy to carry, and easy to use. The Flares launch and burn out long before they hit the ground, so there's no risk of fire. They are mucho visible at night time...and the 'Bear-Bangers' are loud enough to blow my ear drums. When they say "LOUD", they were NOT exaggerating. They go off at 115 decibels! They are supposed to be able to be heard from 130 ft away when used for "Audible-Signalling". And if the bear keeps coming, you can always shoot it with a flare. Kidding. The Flares, when fired, can reach up to 150ft in the air. and can be spotted from up to 9 miles out during the day, and up to 18 miles at night. They are designed to extinguish after 6 seconds of burn time. and are roughly 15,000 Candela, which is as bright as 215 of the 60W light bulbs together.

    The Flares and Bangers are threaded and screw on to attach. In the pics you will see the Kydex holster system I had EDCK&T make for me. EDCK&T made the Kydex Holster System as simple as it could be, not overly complicated. Although I was informed that the launcher was a bitch to sheath cause of the little black plunger handle towards the front of the launcher and the pocket clip. Hahaha. Although it would seem the flares and bangers were much easier to sheath.

    As I was saying earlier, the Flares and Bangers are all threaded so they can be attached easier and securely. This system is very, very solid. The threading on the Pen Launcher is metal, Aluminum I think, but the threads on the Flares and Bangers are plastic. Not exactly the toughest material known to man, however the Flares and Bangers seem to work fine, and as long as they function for their intended purpose, that's the most important thing. I dont like the fact that the launcher is friggin red, but it is a rescue tool, so it make sense.

        Above you see the Bear Banger as its partially threaded on...the Plunger or "Trigger", and just how small the Tru-Flare is. Also of note, each Flare and Banger comes with a small grey cap that threads on each one to protect the primer. 

    Here it is fully attached to the launcher. Even with the Longest Pyrotechnic attachment, the Tru-Flare is still only 7" Overall Length. That's small, wee, and tiny! Easily carried by the average person, or the backpacker and hiker. Its extremely lightweight too...only 1.4oz. The weight of the entire package is negligible, even with the custom Kydex Sheathing. 

    Even with the Little Red Flare attached, the Tru-Flare launcher is just 6" Long overall. I know I already said it but DAMN that's SMALL! They are water and corrosion resistant, and carry a lifetime warranty.

    The thing I am wondering bout the most is its longevity. We'll see what happens in 3-6 months from now, and a year from now. Hopefully it will still be tough and ready to shoot flares off. I know the Vietnam Pilots Mini-Flare Launchers that were used by Spec Ops (and Pilots of course) still work even today, so I am gonna make an early prediction and say I believe this set will still be useful even after years of use and abuse. But due to the nature of GMGB, we will test and abuse the Tru-Flare launcher, just to make sure. Stay tuned for more entries on the Tru-Flare Pen-Type Launcher. Thanks for reading and it you all want to know where to get the Tru-Flare...here's a link.

http://www.truflareusa.com/  <--They even make a crazy looking Triple Flare Launcher...seriously.