To Bug Out...or to Bug the hell am I supposed to know?

We have discussed and blogged about a sh*t ton of gear here...but one thing we have not  discussed in length was Bugging Out or Bugging In as the case were. Many of you know what a BOB or BIB is, but for the un-informed a BOB= Bug Out Bag and BIB= Bug In Bag. Survival terms are so relative and the preparations you make as a result are even more relative and varied. You will find many 'survivalists' and 'preppers' with similar gear, but you will also find some with special gear they made or special gear they had made for them. As recently as 1-2 years ago, "Survivalists" were considered... crazy. Or they were considered paranoid at the very least. But recently, the state of mind has changed to a "you just never know" way of thinking. I know of a guy who spent more than $6K in a Survival Gear Store just the other day, and its because none of us, no matter how smart, trained, or prepared we "think" we are, can ever know what is about to happen. Keep that in mind as you begin your preps, or continue them.

You normally hear alot more about "Bugging Out" than you do about "Bugging In", but for what reason we ask. One would venture the guess that all of or most of your supplies and gear you need are at your BaseCamp/House or "Fort Living Room". I know most of mine are, as are most of my friends and teams kits. I could go on and on about the gear we have, the items we have tested and used before we ever started this blog, the service some of the team members put in, the expertise we each have, or whatever else, but that wouldn't answer our question.

So what is better? Should you Bug In, or Bug Out? The first thing you need to do is CAREFULLY consider your situation....very very carefully. Do you have the gear you need,
do you have enough food to last awhile, do you have firearms to protect yourself, do you have the support of your neighbors, do you have small children and can they be protected effectively, do you have medical supplies and expertise to use them, and ARE YOU IN IMMEDIATE DANGER?? Many of these questions you can likely answer in your own head right now, but if there are any you have to think about, chances are you might not be ready for a disaster of any sort. My father is fond of saying: "When the EOTW comes, I'm just gonna bend over and kiss my ass goodbye!" But I argue the point with all people who say this, or something similar that you MAY NOT HAVE THAT OPTION. Look at Katrina and even the Tsunami in Japan...they didn't have the choice to just "bend over and kiss their asses goodbye" did they? I'm certain some of them wanted to, but they couldn't. They had to survive, by whatever means possible.

There are more considerations than we could EVER list in just one single article, but some things you need to ask yourself may be very tough questions to face. Can I really Protect my Family? Are we really that vulnerable? Do I have any form of defense? How will I defend my family...and the big one...How far am I willing to go to ensure their safety? Many folks dont want to face these questions, does anyone really want to think of how unable they are to defend their family, or even themselves? Of course not, but if you dont face it now, and take action to remedy your shortcomings, then those questions may be in your face requiring swift answers...answers you wont have any choice but to give. My advice, get trained. Get basic training...Firearms training, knife fighting training, firearms and blade care training, simple navigation and orienteering training, survival training for whatever environment you find yourself in or wherever you live, basic medical and first aid training, and advanced medical training if possible because frankly, if you cant keep yourself or someone else alive when someone gets injured, all that training is for naught.

Survival of the single most important things you will ever learn. I learned what I know from SAR and continuing education courses, but others have learned military versions, and even hybrid versions from civilian and military worlds mixing. In my opinion, there is no real "right way" to train, only "correct skills" to learn. In other words, I dont believe you should have to train by going thru A,B,C,D,and E in that exact perfect order...I believe as long as you're training in all of these things, and doing them correctly, then you're doing fine. Unless of course the training you're doing requires you to do a specific exercise in a specific order, then I would hope your common sense alarm would go off and tell you: "Of course, I need to do this correctly." But if there is no set pattern to how you should train in something like "Basic Survival", then as long as you train diligently, and with qualified, competent instructors, you can't go wrong. Don't get me wrong, many many things in the world require exact steps, but not everything. However, to get good at anything, it requires diligence. That's what I mean. Anyways, the info you learn and thoroughly practice while training can and will likely save your life and the lives of your loved ones some day. One school you can learn these skills is a great place called BlackThorn-USA. I have had extensive conversations with the owner of that school, and they truly are some of the best trainers out there. They offer a wide variety of classes, a decent array of instructors from various backgrounds so as to vary up your learning, multiple ways to approach, teach you, and help you continue to train to survive. We touched a bit on the classes they offer, but if you want to know more, go to their website at:

Obviously We have more to talk about with regards to Bugging Out or Bugging In, we have alot more to cover. We will get into that soon. For now, let us know what you think. And Visit our "very cool" facebook page. Yes, its cool...everyone has to have one or else. :)
I'm out.