2012-07-01 Ti-Mini PryBars from County Comm.

Last week a package arrived from our ever-perky deliver girl, and on the package it said it was from County Comm. Needless to say, I was excited. County Comm is one of my single most favorite places for unique and extremely useful EDC Gear. (I am completely serious, County Comm is in my Top 5 favorite online EDC shops...no other company has the gear they do) Their large, well thought out inventory and diverse product array shows the intelligence behind the team there. They carefully pick and try out each product, or they design and have some products made, and offer them for sale online. I have found no less than 25 items I want and the list keeps growing...I currently own no less than 30 County Comm items, and again, the list keeps growing. I may just have to sign my checks over to County Comm at this rate. Hahahah. I keeed I keeeed.

Initial Impressions: "Awwwwww...they're so cute." Now that we got that out of the way...these little pry-bars are awesome. Compact, strong, made of Ti (Ti makes everything better, just ask the Russians), useful, versatile, maneuverable, and they're able to be cord-wrapped if needed.
There is the Pico Widgy Prybar, the Micro Widgy Prybar, and the Pocket Widgy Prybar. The Pico Bar comes in at a very miniature 2" x 1/2"...the Micro Bar comes in a bit bigger at 3" x 1/2", and the 'larger' Pocket Bar comes in at 4.125" long and 1/2" wide. These bars are small to be sure, but the amount of tasks these will be useful for are not small. County Comm did a great thing by making these. I know a few military guys who use these regularly for a large variety of tasks. The EOD Teams in Afghanistan are using these as we speak...mainly because Ti is non-conductive. That should tell you something about their usefulness.

In my next post, I will show the testing, and uses these can be utilized for. We will test these prybars for a 2 month duration, and post what we use them for. I am confident you will all be surprised by the vast amount of uses these prybars have. If you all have any questions, hit me up...if you have any comments...let's hear 'em.

Thanks for reading.
Gunmetal Crew