The "Gunmetal Cold Hard Truth" Review of the Esee 4 and the Esee Izula II:
"Tag Team Task Taking Tools".
Written: Dane D. L.  01-14-17
Photos: Dane D. L.   01-14-17

    Originally I had heard of Esee Knives through the various survival communities on the web and figured they were yet another production knife company. Boy, was I wrong. The team at Randall's Adventure: Training and Equipment Group are more than just another production knife company, much more. As their name suggests, RAT is a multi functional company that offers training, equipment, and more. They offer training in Land Nav, Jungle Survival, SAR, 'scenario-based' wilderness medicine, field survival, rope rescue and rope techniques, team or private instruction, and they can train you where they are in Alabama, or they can come to you. Their instructors are among the best in the world, and their gear they offer is fully designed, vetted & tested, and then put into the field for extended periods of time to be sure it works to a level above what's expected of it. The equipment they make that I am interested in are their knives. So lets see what they got.

    When I was at SHOT Show 2016, I met up with the guys from Esee and they handed me their Esee 4 and the Izula II for review and T&E. These knives are designed with RAT and Esee, and made by Rowen Manufacturing in Idaho. Rowen makes some of the finest examples of edged tools on the market today. So if youre getting an Esee Knife made by Rowen Mfg... you are getting a functional tool that will hit well above its weight in strength, quality, and usefulness. We are going to start with the reviews and move on to the T&E later on cause proper T&E takes months and months, so I will update that side of things as I go. Lets start with the Esee 4 knife. There are two types of Esee-4's, the 4P and 4S, which means "Plain" and "Serrated (partially)". The Esee 4 they handed me is an Esee 4P with the Plain edge, and it came with a Black Powder coated blade, Micarta handles with red liners, and a Tan/Brown color Polymer sheath with belt clip. Many Many options are available but its hard specs are as follows:
ESEE 4P SPECS (directly from the ESEE Knives website)-
    -Overall Length: 9.0″
    -Cutting Edge Length: 4.1″
    -Overall Blade Length: 4.5″
    -Blade Width: 1.25″
    -Weight (Knife Only): 8.0 ounces
    -Drop Point Blade Style
    -Maximum Thickness: .188″
    -1095 Carbon Steel, 55 – 57 Rc. (Carbon Steel Models)
   - 440C (Stainless Steel Models)
    -Removable Handles, Micarta Handle Scales/Various color options
    -Rounded Pommel w/ Lanyard Hole
    -Molded Sheath w/ Clip Plate (Color Depends On Model)
    -MSRP: $143.50
    -Link to Esee 4 Knife:

Esee Knives can be purchased online from Dealers. Check out for more information on where to find a dealer in your area or online.

    With a blade made of 1095 steel and the handles made of Micarta, you have a knife that is tough, durable, holds a great edge, and with a little care, you can have this knife the rest of your life, and hand it on down the bloodline to your child, and them to their child. Esee/Rowen makes their knives to last, and the construction says that in every feature, curve,  and angle. One of the greatest things about the choice of using 1095 steel is giving the end user the ability to sharpen the edge easily on their own, out in the field, as needed. Now, many knives CAN be sharpened in the field and hold a good edge, but 1095 has that perfect chemistry to allow the end user to move the steel enough to sharpen it as needed, but 1095 still maintains its hardness to allow the edge to hold up to use and if necessary, abuse. It does lack the Chromium that many steels have that allows them to be called "Stainless", but Esee/ Rowen took care of this by using a tough blade coating that protects the blade from moisture and other nasties that could cause it to rust. To be considered stainless, a blade must have 13% or more Chromium. Carbon content is a major factor in the "hardenabilty" of steel, and the "95" in "1095" means it has a 95% Carbon Content to its blade composition. 1095 is also used in many US Military knives, and is one of the "10XX" series of steels you have probably already heard of.

    A great knife in every respect that makes a Survival knife what it is, the Esee 4P is an ideal companion to ANY Survival kit, Bug Out Bag, Battle Belt, or even your EDC. The choice is yours.  Again, the MSRP on the Esee 4 model is $143.50 but dealer costs can vary, so check with your local or favorite online dealer and find out what it will take to get one into your Survival Kit. As an example: BLADE HQ has the Esee 4 Knives for just $104.95 and there are many types to choose from. Heres a link to Blade HQs Esee 4:
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    Then we have the Esee Izula II small fixed blade. The name "Izula" is what the Peruvians called the dreaded Bullet Ant. It is called the Bullet Ant cause when you get bit, it feels like you just got shot with a bullet. It is said to hurt extremely bad, and I hope I never find out....ever. The Izlua II is similar in size and design to the original Izula but it has been modified in some chosen areas. The handle is .500" longer, along with a few other specs, many of which are the same as the original Izula fixed blade. Just like the Esee 4 model, the Izula has multiple options available to it, with various handle, blade and sheath colors that can be changed. The hard specs are as follows:
    -Overall Length: 6.75″
    -Blade Length: 2.63″
    -Thickness: .156″
    -Steel: 1095 Carbon
    -Weight: 3.2 Oz. w/o Sheath
    -Finish: Textured Powder Coat
    -Grind: Flat
    -Molded Sheath & Clip Plate
    -Pommel: Carabiner Hole
    -Handles: Canvas Micarta
    -MSRP: $130.16
    -Link to the Izula II:

    With as many Survival Knives out there as you see online all the time, you would think that there would be no way to stand out anymore. Well, Esee has traveled much farther ahead of the pack with a small, lightweight, simple fixed blade. Its made of great materials that are know for their durability, its got the usual Esee/Rowen 1095 Steel Blade, and the tough as nails Canvas Micarta grips. Just like the Esee 4, it is a perfect knife for any of your Survival kits, Vehicle Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Battle Belt, or again, even your EDC. Due to its small stature, EDC seems like an ideal option for the Izula II, but if youre anything like me, Im sure you have plenty of ideas in mind for where you would put it already.

    It is important to touch on the warranty offered by RAT and Esee. It goes as follows(Taken mostly from the side of the Esee Box): Esee Knives Lifetime Warranty is... NO QUESTIONS ASKED. In Other Words, if you break it, send it back, they will replace it. Unlike alot of other companies, their warranty is absolutely transferable. They warranty the 1095 Knives no matter how many times theyre traded, sold off, put on ebay, etc. And there is NO RECEIPT REQUIRED. The only things they do NOT warranty against are rust, normal wear and tear, and/or loss/theft. For more information visit the link below and click on the warranty tab. The Izlua II knife comes with Micarta Scales, polymer sheath and belt clip, box and instructions, and most of the boxes Esee knives come in have various survival info on the back. Small tips, tricks, and knowledge that you may never need, but if you do, you'll be glad you have. The MSRP on the Izula II is: $130.16 but dealer costs can vary, so check with your local or favorite online dealer and find out what it will take to get one or many of these little Izula II's  into your Survival Kit. As an example: BLADE HQ has the Esee Izula II Knives for just $67.99 to 86.99 and there are many types and options to choose from. Heres a link to Blade HQs Esee Izula II:

    I want to say a quick Thank You to the guys at Esee knives and RAT. I look forward to reviewing more of your knives. You guys are easily one of the best Survival Training Groups out there... Keep up the GREAT work. Keep teaching people to be safer. To the readers, thank you for reading my reviews, keep training, keep working, and keep watching your six.
If you need top of the line survival training go to Randall Adventure Training here: