2012-08-05 TEC Accessories P7 Clip

I got this box, and Opened it up...inside was a few neat tools from TEC. They are an innovative little company that makes a variety of items for everyday carry, for vehicles, and so much more. Enough about TEC the company, lets get on to their awesome products. (Can you tell which way I'm leaning on this one?)

Initial Impressions: It is a nicely built, sturdy, robust clip, and small in size and weight. You almost dont even notice it, that's how little it weighs. Good fit and finish, it holds in the pocket quite well. Looks to be well manufactured, and professionally packaged as well. Overall, a great piece of gear so far. This little P7 makes all my pocket items(like my keys) more accessible.

So Lets get to some pics, shall we? Below you will see the P7 Clip with the GlowFob-A3 next to it. 

Above you can also see the web addy and info for TEC Inc.
The Specs on the P7 from the website are as follows:

The P-7 Suspension Clip is made of spring tempered stainless steel, bead blasted to a uniform matte finish. It also includes a stainless steel split ring to allow for attachment of items.

  • Size: 7mm (0.28") wide x 39mm (1.53") long
  • Weight: 3.0 grams [.11 oz]

Here you see the Clip in all its 'smallness'...as compared to a dime. I like the retention level on the clip too. Its extremely strong, and holds your keys or whatever you attach it to very well. You can see it clipped inside my pocket in the above pics here.

And below you will see if clipped outside my pocket too. I am planning on getting more of these for my family and friends, they are that nice and hold the keys or other items that well.

Anyways, I honestly love this clip. Its hard to say much more about it than what it is...it is a perfect solution to the problem of "pocket Bulge". I will continue to carry this clip and see how many other uses it has as I go on. This is of course, the initial Stage-1 post. So anyways, Enjoy, we hope you liked the Introduction Article for the P7 Suspension Clip from TEC Accessories. Stay tuned for upcoming articles that update this clip being carried thru thick and thin, while on the job, and so on.  

Here's a link the P7 on the TEC Website...go check it out...for $12 its REALLY hard to beat. And while you're there, order yourself a GlowFob to make sure you can find your keys in the dark, and pick up a TEC Pico-Pen so you can write yourself a note the night before to tell you where you left your awesome new keys and TEC Tools. All the Links you will need to get the TEC Tools that rock are below. Not to mention a wicked cool pic of the GlowFobs, the PicoPen, and the P7 for your viewing pleasure.

One last thing, I want to throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Tom Clawges who helped make all this come together. Thank you Tom, You are a gentleman, and a scholar. :)

Chief & GMGB-EDC Crew out.