Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army Model

A Blackthorn-USA review by: Dave Carlson


When Chief asked if we’d like to review a Swedish FireSteel we said “Sure!” Most of us here at Blackthorn-USA and many of our students are familiar with and use Swedish FireSteels already.


Today we’re are reviewing the Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army Model. Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense. The 2.0 model is the latest generation of a very popular and reliable product.


The Swedish FireSteel 2.0 comes in an orange and yellow box with directions for use written in 11 languages on the back.



The contents of the box are the FireSteel, Stainless Steel Striker and a lanyard attaching the two. For those of you familiar with the older models you will notice that the 2.0 handles have a new more ergonomic shape and that the striker has been changed to a flat edge. The handle shape is, well, handy, but we really like the flat edge on the striker. Unlike the strikers of the past, the flat edge does not groove your FireSteel and produces as good or better sparks.



You will also notice that the striker has a built in emergency whistle. Now this doesn’t help with fire starting but we thought it was a nice use of existing space. We are firm proponents of multi-use tools and this fits the bill well. For its size, the whistle produces a nice blast and would definitely be preferable to yelling for rescue.



In preparation for the first use we scraped the black coating off of the FireSteel exposing the shiny magnesium alloy that creates the sparks. Here we are igniting our preferred tinder of Fatwood shavings although we have ignited many natural and man-made tinders with ease over the years with Swedish FireSteels.



Scraping the striker down the Swedish FireSteel results in a shower of 5,400 degree sparks, enough to ignite many tinders, BBQ’s, camp stoves etc.



Here the Fatwood tinder was easily ignited on the first strike.



The single failing point that we can find with the Swedish FireSteel is the lanyard connector they use. Like many companies, they use a plastic clip together clasp to hold the lanyard ends. These connectors in our opinion are crap and detract from otherwise fine products. Losing something as important as your FireSteel due to a bad lanyard could be life threatening. Ours was coming apart right out of the box.




The lanyard connector is easily fixed with a simple knot and melting the ends together as we have done with other Swedish FireSteels we use regularly here.



The Swedish FireSteel Army Model touts 12,000 strikes and we believe it. We have yet to wear out any of the smaller ones we have and we use them more in a month than most people would use them in a year. The Army Model could easily last you a lifetime.



The Swedish FireSteel is not affected by extreme heat or cold. Unaffected by water, they will still produce sparks with water dripping off of them. Works at any elevation, is durable and can be used easily while wearing thick gloves. They never run out of gass and last close to forever. The sparks can also be used for emergency nighttime signaling. Swedish FireSteels rock!


Overall we find the Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army Model to be great product. We appreciate Light My Fires commitment to improving products that are already seen as top of the line. And doing so at a price that is affordable to everyone. FireSteels are our “go to” fire starting device and we, without exception, recommend them to our students. If you need reliable fire starting in all weather, go get a Swedish FireSteel. D.



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