We just got this Orange and Black Survival Bracelet in from EDCK&T the other day, so I decided to write about it this morning. Its quite nice and it fits my wrist quite well. The braiding is absolutely tight, tighter than any of the other survival bracelets I have encountered so far. I'm not 100% sure what they're doing over there at EDCK&T, but it involves some serious braiding strength. Another badass feature of these bracelets are the double wide braids, most only use single wide braids. And something almost no other survival bracelet group is doing that EDCK&T is doing, they're using a Whistle Buckle. Some groups use metal ones, some use plastic ones, but EDCK&T is using these Orange and Black Whistle Buckles. I used the Whistle outside this morning and my neighbors poked their heads out and looked at me like I was nuts. hehheeh. That's funny, they must be loud whistles. Anyways, Here's a few pics of them for y'all.

As I was saying, above you see the Whistle Buckle. Its well built and tough so far. I have banged it into a few different surfaces (mostly by accident), and it has held up great. I haven't tested the shear strength yet, but I am betting its decent. Of course the 550 cord is tough too. You cant really calculate or multiply the strength of each cord by how many are on the bracelet, but you can bet it is a strong item. I need to contact EDCK&T to find out just how much 550 cord is in each bracelet...whether it be double wide or single wide. I seem to recall it being right around 10ft, but it depends on the wrist size too.

I do have a few suggestions for EDCK&T and how they can better their product, but I will save those suggestions for them. Some things need to be said in private. As far I see though, this is a damn nice product with a very well made buckle. Additional features and colors are available too. EDCK&T makes them in all the available colors out there...and can even make custom combinations for sports teams, colleges, and so on.
EDCK&T also makes Survival Belts using the same type of Buckles, but without the whistles on them. The Survival Belts are available in various colors to match your gear or whatever you want it to match. As well as making Survival Belts, they also make Survival Slings for your firearms.They use a variety of connectors for attaching the sling to the firearm, so if you want one, just contact EDCK&T and ask for the connectors you want/need. From what I see, they have other possible features that are included in the Bracelets, Slings, and Belts. I believe they can include a small Ferro-Rod, or even a Spark Lite fire system. There are also talks of including a small blade for E&E purposes...and talks of making a dedicated E&E or SERE Belt. We'll see what comes of that from EDCK&T. You can bet it will be cool though.

And now a few pics of the Survival Belts. Soon I will get one of their Survival Slings in the mail, and I will post about that too.

The Final Score is: 98%
  • Dimensions and Size- Its sized to your own wrist: 10%
  • Weight- Its almost weightless: 10%
  • Maneuverability- Its easy to move with the bracelet on: 10%
  • Materials- Its made of 550cord and Top-End Buckles: 10%
  • Repairs- You do have to send it back to get it fixed if it breaks: 9%
  • Accessories- Firestarters and compasses are available, etc: 10%
  • Longevity- So far its tough and holding up to normal wear: 10%
  • Capacity- IIRC it has about 10-12 ft. of 550 cord in it: 10%
  • Limits- The buckle does have a failure point, but it's normal: 9%
  • Attention To Detail- EDCK&T has an ATD level far above average: 10%