As anyone who has ever owned a Surefire Light knows, they are top of the line Flashlights. And the 6P LED model is no exception. After receiving this light in the mail, I actually attached it to the Bushmaster AR15 from one of our earlier and first reviews. I knew I was gonna be testing the Bushmaster AR15 in low-light conditions and the 6P LED lends itself to that task perfectly. Unfortunately the Low-light tests didn't make it into the final write-up on the Bushmaster AR15, but I can tell you that it passed its own part of the testing with flying colors. Just as you'd expect from any Surefire light. I had the Surefire Brand Red Filter sent with the 6P LED so I could test it at the same time.

As I always do, I took it on numerous calls with me, Vehicle Extrication's, Rescue scenes, and that same simulated MCI I spoke about in the M9 Review. Where the 6P LED really shined (no pun intended) was during the confined space rescue training course a few months back. The amount of light it puts off is great, but the time that amount of light lasts isn't as good. Of course we all know batteries can only last so long, that's why you always carry a few spares. Luckily Surefire makes a CR123 Spare Battery carrier specifically designed to carry 6 extras. If you carry a pack or anything like that in your car, the SF Spares Carrier comes in handy. Even if you choose to carry it in your cargo pocket, its small and maneuverable. Doesn't really get in the way. The LED that the 6P uses is one of the best out there, of course. And the fit & finish is absolutely perfect. The Red SF Filter is built tough and attaches tightly. From what I have read, they also make Blue, Green, and IR filters for various SF models. 

Accessories aside...As for the SF 6P LED itself, it too is quite easy to use, and doesn't get in the way or weight too much. It really is a damn nice light. I have found deploying it to be fast and easy, whether from a pocket or from a custom kydex sheath. I also found it was a nice light to attach to your rifle, like I was talking about earlier in this review.

The body of the light is a good size for mounting, and there are numerous companies that make mounts for those types of lights. GG&G is one example of a great company that makes some awesome mounts, not to mention the rest of their vast inventory of products they make that are top of the line. You cant go wrong with GG&G products, just like you cant go wrong with SF.

So now its on to the final score for the Flashlight Criteria: 98%

  • Battery life & Type- 8%- Batteries are CR123's so they're not as easy to find and dont last very long.
  • Dimensions- 10%- The Size and Weight are perfect for the type of light it is.
  • Maneuverability- 10%- It is easy to use and maneuver in close quarters or for H2H.
  • Deployment speed- 10%- It can be deployed fast and turned on quickly.
  • Materials & Features- 10%- Its made of Aircraft Alum, and it has great features.
  • Repairs- 10%-  Replacing a Bulb is easy, or you can send it back.
  • Accessories- 10%- You can get spare battery carriers, bulbs, filters, and more SF stuff online.
  • Longevity- 10%- So far it is holding up very well, after 7 months.
  • Brightness- 10%- It is indeed a very bright LED.
  • Attention To Detail- 10%- Very well made, and very detailed.