"Spyderco Warrior Knife: Aligned Downward Thrust"
Jan. 12 2013/ reposted: March 27th 2013
Author: Edged Expert and the Chief

From the beginning of time, man has pushed and evolved to have the best tools to accomplish the 'mission' at hand, and the best skills to use the tools he had. Whether the mission was hunting a Wooly Mammoth in the Frozen Tundras of Prehistoric Earth, or kicking in a #1 "Most-Wanted" Terrorists door in Pakistan, the best gear has always been an important cog in the gears of war (no mention of the game intended). The other important pieces in that picture will always be the men and their top notch, continually evolving training. But this article is not to focus on the men, or their training…been there, done that. This article will focus on a specific knife some of these brave men use, the Spyderco Warrior.

This knife, in its newest modern version, is one of the finest examples of a fighting knife design I have encountered. Now everyone has likes and dislikes about everything they own, but the Warrior is a design that has evolved thru many years of use, and many versions of the original knife. The Original Knife was made by Al Mar Knives, and was co-designed by Michael Echanis and Bob Taylor. It was re-ignited and re-designed by Israeli Combatives Instructor Guy Rafaeli, along with the book that accompanies it written by Michael Janich. The book is wonderful and includes the true story behind the Original Warrior, the Rekat Version, and the new Spyderco version. Janich dispels the lies and the "BS" behind this knife, and talks to one of the co-designers to get the real skinny. A useful read for any knife lover and any true fan of legendary knives.

The Knife itself is made of H1 Steel, a marine grade steel that is incredibly tough and well designed. Very resistant to rust and the elements, it was designed especially for Salt Water environments and hard use. H1 is a work hardening steel which get harder as its ground and worked. Sounds like the perfect steel for such a knife.

The sheath is of course made by Spec Ops, a world leader in sheathing and all things Nylon. Battlefield ready and beastly in concept, the SpecOps sheath that accompany the Warrior is the perfect companion and will serve you well. It include MOLLE compatibility, belt mounting capability, and a wonderful front pocket that can hold a small flashlight… multi-tool… or whatever else will fit that you may need (I prefer an extra 1911 magazine). The sheath is tight, strong, and well stitched. The color is consistent...and even throughout the fabric and hardware. It is clearly made to extremely high standards. Of course, we would expect nothing less from Spec Ops Brand. And yes it is 'Made in the USA'.

The Guard from the Warrior is worth noting as well. The guard is literally a 1/4" thick and tough as heck. I truly have love for a knife solid guard like these... however very few current manufacturers make knives with guards of this style anymore. Thank goodness Spyderco and Guy R. decided to keep this feature, which carried over from the 1st versions of the Warrior back when Al Mar was making them. Another item of note is the tight fit of the guard on this knife. It doesnt rattle, it doesnt move, and it doesnt make any sort of noise. To me, that screams of a knife thatis well made and boilt tough. With all our current technology, I'd be very worried about a knife that had a rattling guard....or a crappy sheath... hahaha. But of course when I get gear from Spyderco, that worry is far from my mind.

I want to close with focus on the edge, its shape, its sharpness, and its geometry/design. The sharpness attained by the Spyderco team is always top notch, but the serrated sharpness is above and beyond. Have you ever heard the saying "Scary Sharp"? Well the Warrior provides a serrated edge that is SCARY SHARP!! The Plain Edge is no slouch either... it shaves without any problems, and it cuts thru all the normal test media here that we use, without any binding or hang-ups. The Geometry is equalized and well designed. The Hollow Ground Primary Bevels are deeply ground to provide deep cutting capabilities...and the serrations are set into the spine of the blade for all sorts of "uses". The way that spine and its serrations are used, I will leave to your imagination.

Keep in mind the next time you go looking for a knife that can meet your "Fighting Knife" specs, The Spyderco Warrior is out there. It is performing well above its weight class, its materials are top notch, its makers and designers are among the best in the biz, and it is extremely well made to boot. The Spyderco Warrior has the GunMetal Seal of Approval. Great work Spyderco and thank you to everyone involved. A Special THANK YOU to Kristin Hunter for providing these knives for T&E and for your amazing and fast service.
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One last thing, If y'all want to know what "Aligned Downward Thrust" Means... you have two options. Either read the Janich book "The Warrior Path" that is included with the Spyderco Warrior, or buy the Spydie Warrior and try to understand it and figure it out by using the Warrior and running drills with it. The angles and bio-mechanics should become apparent over time, or maybe right away.  Good luck y'all.

Edged Expert and Chief Out.