2012-08-06 Spyderco Atlantic SALT Knife.

A few weeks back a package arrived with a few boxes with the famous Spyderco Logo on them. As I opened the box I noticed 3 boxes...but didn't recall all of what was inside. I couldn't wait to read the boxes. AS I read I came Across the Spydie C89-SYL SALT Knife. Opened it up, and had a look. GORGEOUS! The Yellow FRN Handles, the fully serrated H1 Steel Blade, and the beefy construction all make for one serious tool on the open seas or on land.


This knife is one of the ones from Spyderco's Atlantic SALT Line. The Atlantic Line includes alot of knives, and some special knives made just for certain tasks. The Handles as I was saying before are FRN which is "FiberGlass Re-enforced Nylon"- A nylon polymer mixed with glass fiber that is then injected into a mold for making lightweight knife handles. The blade, as I mentioned before is H1 Steel- A Steel that will Not Rust, and does not need to be Heat Treated as it is the working of the steel that hardens it. Very Cool.

First Impressions: VERY NICE Construction, the Blade is sharper than heck, great handles with awesome texture, the hole is a perfect size(aka the Spydie Hole), perfect symmetrical hollow ground primary bevels, as well as serrations which are chisel ground, usual Spydie quality, plus a nice box and packaging. Overall, great knife, and a perfect buy.


A Description of the Atlantic SALT from the Spyderco website is as follows: *It's been speculated the sheepfoot shaped blade originated with mariners who found the rounded tip especially beneficial when the knife was accidentally dropped (think working on a ship in pitching seas) as it couldn't stab the foot when hitting the deck. It's also been hypothesized that commanding officers on these ships preferred rambunctious hardworking sailors carry knives without pointed tips, especially while in port blowing off steam after months at sea. *

Above you will see yet one of my absolute favorite parts of this knife...the top and bottom texture grooves that are strategically placed for maximum finger grip when cutting and other tasks are required of it. How deep this knife rides in the pocket is another fine feature that was well thought out by the amazing team at Spyderco. The Finger Grooves have to be my favorite feature, besides the awesome serrations, the kickbutt H1 Blade Steel, and again the pocket clip & the depth it rides. Couldn't ask for much more out of a Rescue Knife or a Seamans Knife. 

Sizing Specs Direct from the site:
Overall Length When Open- 8.25" (210mm)
Blade Length- 3.687" (94mm) /Cutting Edge- 3.188" (81mm)
Overall Closed Length- 4.625" (117mm)
Blade Thickness- .125" (1/8" or 3mm)
Handle Material- FRN (FiberGlass Re-Enforced Nylon)
Blade Steel- H1:
H1 is a precipitation-hardened steel containing nitrogen instead of carbon, which cannot rust
Weight- 2.75oz. (77g)

In summation, I would buy another Spyderco SALT Atlantic or Pacific, and I would always buy them with the "SpyderEdge" serrations...cause they're so darn useful! Keep yer eyes out cause this is stage 1 of the article on the Atlantic SALT. We are going to do more on it very soon including basic testing, eval, sharpness tests, Saltwater testing, and so on. Thanx for reading and a HUGE Thanx again to Kristi Hunter for making this happen, the Spyderco Marketing Dept., Sal Glasser, and the whole team there. God bless you all.