This 1st installment of the Review is on the Springfield Armory "Loaded" Model 1911 we just received earlier this week. History lesson time, because the 1911's history bears repeating.

    From its earliest incarnations, to the perfected models that grace our holsters today, few firearms have stood the test of time as well as the 1911. Of course we all know it all started with John Browning and his genius mind focused on firearms. According to the Browning Archives and research done by Scott Engen, after defeating the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay in 1898, US Marines and other US Soldiers went ashore to finish the job, and were engaged in bloody hand to hand combat. The H2H warfare was largely based in the Philippines and the Marines were largely opposed by the infamous Moro Tribesman...infamous for their bladed weaponry such as the Kris and Barong.
    What these Tribesman could do to our Marines in Close Quarters with their Swords redefined 'bloodbath' and even though our boys would pump round after 38caliber round into the Moro's, they wouldn't stop. Of course the rifles of the period, like the Krag and the Springfield Bolt-Action were more than adequate at stopping the Moro's, but rifles of that size quickly became useless or unwieldy during face to face combat. As the Moro's hacked away at our troops, and our Morale, changes were in the works behind the scenes. Even the Colt model 1873 Revolver in 45cal was pushed back into service, and demo'd an extreme ability to stop the Moro Tribesman. Thus the Thompson/Legarde Military Testing was undertaken in 1904.
    The testing consisted of various Military cartridges being fired into live and dead cattle to gauge stopping power, energy transfer, and penetration. Even though the testing was crude by today's standards, the resulting information is still valid and is as follows: "…that a bullet, which will have the shock effect and stopping effect at short ranges necessary for a military pistol or revolver, should have a caliber not less than .45."  After seeing the need for a service pistol with higher stopping power than the .38cal revolvers they were using, Browning began designing what would become the most iconic combat pistol in the entire world.
    Then, with the advent of smokeless powder and the advance of the autoloading pistol, military trials for a new service pistol began in 1906. The Colt Model in 45ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) was clearly pushing way out in front after several years of testing and evaluation. Browning's early model was put thru numerous tests and trials including a 2-day long, 6000 round test firing in 1910. According to military records, his Pistol became so hot that it had to be dunked in a bucket of water so they could continue firing it. The records say there were no malfunctions during the duration of the testing period. Thus the Colt Pistol was officially adopted by the US Army on March 29, 1911...and of course came known as the Colt 1911.

    A few of the guys in our Team carry 1911's, from various companies, but the odd thing is, no one had shot one of the Springfield Armory 1911's before. Our guys had 1911's from Kimber, Nighthawk, Sig, Ruger, and even Wilson Combat...but until this week...no one had used or handled one from S.A.

    I think I can safely say, from a LARGE Pool of experience, this 1911 from S.A. is INCREDIBLE! It is the 'Loaded' model 1911 with the Match Barrel, Hammer, Trigger, with Trijicon NiteSites, and 'Loaded' package. The Loaded Package is in the pics above, and includes the tricked out 1911 of course, an Injection Molded Plastic Holster and Mag holster that holds two mags, as well as a cleaning brush, wrenches and a special key for the trigger lock.

    We have a lot of testing and work to do over the next 3-6 months and then a years worth of time to put into this firearm. In the mean time I will post some pics and some basic info on this one. It is a Springfield Armory 'Loaded' model 1911 as was previously mentioned. Its the 5" Barrel model, two tone finish, match trigger, barrel, and internal parts are all made to the 'Loaded' standard over at Springfield Armory. As this review progresses, we will take this one to the range, run numerous rounds thru it of different types, and then go thru the cleaning, oiling, and maintenance process. Stay tuned for those reviews in the next 3-6 months and then the final review 6 months after that which will include the final Product Score.

Thank you all for reading, we look forward to your comments and posts.
GMGB Crew, out.