Here we are again fellas. I received this 'Spectre Riggers Belt' a few weeks back and have been wearing it ever since. Its a Black Colored, Large Size, Made In The USA, Steel Buckle Riggers Belt. Now normally I applaud any company that chooses U.S. manufacturing over foreign ones, however this belt isn't as nice as I expected it to be, for a U.S. made product. The tag says "Made in the USA" right on it, but the attention to detail is lacking, in my opinion. It is a tough belt in some senses though, as far as the Nylon and Buckle go. For the past 2-3 weeks, its been performing normal duty just fine, and I think it will continue to do so, but I question the Velcro and its ability to hold weight. The biggest problem I see is how the Velcro was sewn on...Well, Its mainly the sewing and also the lack of edging that bothers me. Below you will see pics of what I'm talking about.

Like I was saying, the sewing quality isn't the greatest, in my opinion. Although the truest test of any stitching is drop testing and rappelling with the belt on. Emergencies can force our gear to perform. I will be taking this belt to the mountains with me soon for a hardcore testing environment. I'll be testing Regular and Australian Rappel, and possibly some Swift-water Rescue Testing. We'll see what happens while we're out there. Here's a few more pics, see you in about 3 months.

So we went out today and tested the Spectre Riggers belt. I was able to do some Rappelling with it, and some light harness work. I didn't get a chance to do any Swift-Water work because there was no call for it, and no training exercise today. I will however gladly add that the belt held up fine to the things we were doing to it, and a nice long hike in to the area we did the Rappelling, and a nice long hike out as well. Granted, the sewing and seams still aren't great, but so far, all in all, the belt is doing its job. Spectre wont be getting a great score in the Attention to Detail Category, but there are 9 other Areas where they did just fine. Here are some pics of us Hiking in to the area where we did the Rappelling. And of course some pics of where we were and the area surrounding it.

I took the Spectre Rigger Belt over the side of this gorge, carefully testing the strength of the Belt Buckle. From what I did, and the height we were at, I would say it held up just fine, in my opinion. I also took it down to the water area in this same place, but didn't go into the water, you will see why in the pics below. The water was flat out bloody nasty!! I didn't have any reason to go in and test it in the water, so I didn't. However, the next time we have a Swiftwater Rescue Class or Continuing Education, I will take it in and do waterborne testing. In roughly 6 Months I will finish up this Review and give the final score for this piece of kit. So far, so good.  

-When we reach the 12 month mark, we will do the final score.-----------