"The Shomer Tec Covert Coin Concealment Compilation"
By Dane D.L. Jan-01-2017
    Shomer Tec, the modern day Q-Division, a modern day MIS-X or MI9(look up WWII if you're confused about these last two).... Shomer Tec is a company I have long admired for multiple reasons. A little while back I was afforded the opportunity to review some of their more interesting and innovative E&E (Escape and Evasion) gear. Keeping in mind that the team at Shomer Tec are constantly innovating and re-inventing is not enough, you have to consider the engineering challenges that are undertaken by the team when you consider the gear you are about to see. I want to tell you more about these items, But I have A LOT of gear to get through, so I will tell you more as I go. But I can tell you that many of these items are derived from actual spy tools, or they are a different version of them. But dont be mistaken, they put their own modern twist on each item, and many other tools they have come up with are 110% original. So get ready for our adventure into the world of COVERT COINS. Its gonna be fun!!

    The first item we are going to review is the COVERT COIN Half Dollar "Safe". It is comprised of 2 half dollar coins which are milled and fitted together to conceal extremely small items. You can conceal numerous different things, micro SD cards, micro dot film(if you use that sort of thing), secret codes, and so on... I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to use it for. It also includes a small aluminum ring/opening device that is used to open to coin by tapping it on a hard surface. Without this device, it is damn near impossible to open it. I've tried... I failed. A different version of this item existed during the Cold War and there were reports of them in use during WWII (But I cannot confirm the WWII version yet). The Cold War version was opened by using a small pin inserted into an inconspicuous part of the coin which pushed one side of the coin away from the other, revealing the contents within. And YES... It Is Made In The USA!
Here is the packaging, Covert Coin, and "opener". It costs $25.00 for the Half Dollar version. There is also a Nickel, a Quarter, a Euro, and an Australian coin available for use, depending on where you're traveling and what you anticipate your needs to be. Prices range anywhere from $21.00 - $33.00 and are worth every single penny if security is your goal(and No, they don't make a penny version...yet).

    The next item we'll discuss is the Fifty-Cent Covert Knife. This item is absolutely GENIUS in design, execution, and construction. Its concealment relies upon the fact that no one pays attention to the "normal items" found in everyone's pockets... i.e. pocket change. When was the last time you took a hard look at someones pocket change? Exactly. Most of the time, there are 2 ways that a bad guy will bind your hands. First one is handcuffs, the next is zip ties, and finally, duct tape. The 50 Cent Covert Knife can aid escape from the latter two methods. I don't need to explain how to use this to escape duct tape, do I? Good. So, as we all know, a sharp blade(scissors, razor blade, etc.) is the best option when escaping zip ties, and the 50CCK provides an EXTREMELY Sharp one. The blade is from a surgical instrument and is sharp on the entire circumference of the blade. This give you the option of using one half of the blade until dull, then pulling it out, flipping it around, and using the other side. Or if you're really clever, you can use four separate sections of the blade for cutting and keep it ready to cut at all times. This is a viable, smart, extremely well made option for covert escape.
    Here is a picture of the item with packaging. It costs $39.00 and will easily blend in with your change, wallet, purse, or any pocket. Made In The USA! In the pics you will notice other products. You will also notice a pile of change... Can you find the Covert Coins??


    The next product is a personal favorite, The Covert Escape Compass. When you first hear the name you might think of the small WWII versions used by the OSS and SOE, downed pilots, or even POWs, but I assure you, these are different. The ones used during WWII were usually made of the normal materials and were often concealed within a button or a cuff-link, or any manner of small concealment areas. But they didn't have metal detectors in wide use back then, nor did they have density detectors in use at all, so those covert escape compasses were perfect for the time they were used in, and still work great today. However, in this day an age, something better was needed, something more concealed, something that would go absolutely and completely undetected. Enter the Covert Escape Compass, or should I say nickel. But it is far more than a simple nickel, my friend. If hung from a piece of thread, and held lightly, it will show you how to "Face North". Get it yet? Yep, the "heads" side faces magnetic North. Pretty cool huh? There's a ridge cut into the edge that goes all the way around it so you can run a piece of string or thread around it to suspend it and find North.

    Here's a shot of it and its packaging. It literally looks identical to a US Nickel, mainly cause it actually is one, and it doesn't feel any different at all. In fact it even feels like it weighs the same, but I don't have a scale that goes that low in ounces, so I don't know for sure. It costs $24.00 for the US Nickel version and $29.00 for the Euro version. Choose wisely, or just get both and save yourself the trouble of choosing.  


    Next up is another favorite, The Nickel Knife. Gosh I love this thing!! It contains a small, folding blade within and can be deployed extremly fast and more covertly than any other folding knife I've used yet. Other than the 50CCK, this is one of the single most concealed blades Ive seen made and put to use. It is a very impressive design, and looks & feels quite well made. BRAVO Shomer Tec...BRAVO. Yet another genius item from the team at Shomer Tec 'makers.... geniuses in ther own right. It is meant to be carried by people who are at risk for kidnapping, or unlawful detainment in a foreign country. It'll make short work of zip-ties, duct tape, rope, and cordage. Here is a direct quote from the Shomer Tec Website on deployment:
    "To deploy the blade, run your fingernail along the nickel's side clockwise with the "heads" side up, and the blade pivots out ready for use. The coin provides a solid grip handle. Weight: 0.18 oz. Made in USA." The Nickel Knife costs only $39.00 and is useful for multiple cutting tasks, not just escape and evasion tasks.


    And Finally, we have the Coin Handcuff Key, which you see in the above pics too. Another Covert Coin with concealment construction turned up to 11! This one is a very simple one to explain, not much to it. Its a nickel with a handcuff key built into it. Originally designed for an Elite U.S. Unit that was in need of specialized tools to increase their odds of escape if they're taken captive. This unit was/is always at risk for being taken captive or held unlawfully, so these Covert Coin Handcuff Keys were designed, engineered, and manufactured to mitigate those circumstances. It is easliy accessible from most detainment positions. So if you get one, you'll want to practice and determine where you prefer to carry it for easiest deployment on your person.  I'm certain this was only one piece in their arsenal of E&E kit, but it is available for civilian purchase, so take advantage!! You never know when you might be held against your will. Its not always the good guys(I.E. Police or LEOs) who use handcuffs.

    It is Made in the USA, and it is currently at Patent Pending status. Get one now, while you still can! There is currently the one version available, it is $39.00 and as stated previously, it is a nickel.


    In conclusion, there are so many products that Shomer Tec has generously chosen to share with the general public so we can be safer, and for that, I say "THANK YOU!". I'm also betting there are many more items they DO NOT, or CAN NOT share with the general public... for obvious reasons. Its a big, crazy, dangerous world out there, people deserve to be safe, and Shomer Tec is doing their part to the "Nth" degree. Keep up the great work Shomer Tec and thank you for releasing many of these items to the general public. As always, stay safe, and watch your six. -Dane out.

    Go check out the Shomer Tec Website if you want to see the rest of the awesome gear they offer and the custom gear they make. LINK: http://www.shomer-tec.com/index.cfm