Hey ya'll. We have acquired one oft he Russian Oboroten Snow Camo Sniper Suits. These types of suits have been used in numerous engagements in 'Mother Russia' and Chechnya. These suits have also been seen on sites like rusmilitary.com and sovietarmystuff.com, as well as in the movie Babylon A.D. According to my staff (they saw the movie, I didnt), Vin Diesel wears a set of the Russian Oboroten Snow Camo while crossing some wide snowy expanse to enter the USA. Its a weird movie, dont ask.
Anyways, Here are some preview pics of the Snow camo and what it will look like initially. I will be doing reviews on lots of snow and arctic gear as the seasons permit.

Please stay tuned and be ready when the seasons change. The Arctic Gear reviews are gonna be epic. My Staff and I are prepping for some serious cold toes and fingers. Hahaahaha. Kidding.