Rough Country Rustic Furniture- Texas Home Defense Concealment Flag
'Quality made concealment, comes in many forms!!'
Written by: Dane Lawrence 09-24-16

Awhile back, a package arrived that I had no idea would change the way I protect my house and my family....usually those items come from the local gun stores or Dairy Queen. (Kidding about DQ) The item in that package was the Texas Home Defense Concealment Flag made by Rough Country Rustic Furniture.
I opened that box, saw that flag, and I was immediately blown away by the quality and overall workmanship that was put into it.  It was made of solid, REAL WOOD, NOT MDF or Particle Board, thin plastic, or some other cheap-o material. The way its made is well thought out and super smart. The tolerances are tight and everything fits well. It came with everything needed to mount and conceal any weapon that will fit inside it. Wen I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It came complete with the Flag itself, foam for the weapon to be fitted into, 2 heavy duty wall screws, the exact size bit needed to screw in the HD wall screws,  razor knife to cut the foam with, and even a small level to be sure you hang your flag perfectly on the wall. They literally thought of everything.

They also thought of how to lock the Flag closed. They use a magnetic locking system for the flag, and the magnetic "key" can be stored anywhere you want that it will stick to...because the "key" is a magnet. You can see it in the above pic with all the tools that come with the Flag. Its the small chrome circle at the bottom. In the pictures you will see what steps I went thru to fit my Glock 19, 2 extra mags, and a Kimber Pepper Gel deployment system. Below, you'll see pics of the lock and the key.

First, I took the foam and laid out each item I wanted to fit in it. Then I drew on the lines I would need to cut out and cut through, using a Sharpie on the foam. I was careful to cut the foam a tiny bit smaller than where you normally would so the items would fit tightly. 

Second, I started making cuts. I used a ruler to make the cuts with the razor knife that RCRF provided. I made it to fit the Glock 19 with, or without the Streamlight Laser/Light Combo. I was sure to periodically check the fit of each item. 

Third, I had already cut the foam around the profile, but still needed to cut it thru to the DEPTH that is needed for each item. Again, I measured out what I would need and used the knife to make the cuts.

Fourth, I finally got everything fitted and then cut the area out for the magnetic lock to fit. Then I found where I wanted to mount it, measured the wall, drilled small holes for the screws, and mounted the RCRF Texas Home Defense Concealment Flag. I proceeded to put the items in the flag that I wanted to conceal, shut the door, and locked it with the magnetic lock.

I found myself wondering just how tough this flag was, I mean its just made of wood. Its not like its made of steel or something right? I had to know, and it had to be a long term test of opening and closing that door with the items inside. I also wanted to see if the wood and the wall would hold up to repeated opening and closing, repeated deployment of each item that was contained within, and repeated use of the magnetic lock. I didn't want a system that would work the first few times, then fail. And I REALLY didn't want a system that had a lock that would fail cause a bad guy or even my child could have access to a loaded gun inside my house if the lock did fail. So I took time to see if this product would or would not stand the test of time. While my experiment DID take awhile, it ALSO showed that this product can INDEED stand the test of time and the harsh abuse I put it through. After all the times where I took it down, and put it up, knocked it around, opened and shut it over and over, at least 4-6 times a day, and even slamming it shut at least 2 times a day. After all of that, I have come to believe that ALL of the products made by Rough Country Rustic Furniture are likely to be built as tough or tougher than this (Size matters after all) one is.

I would not hesitate to have ANY Rough Country Rustic Furniture in my house, or my cabin, or in ANY dwelling of ANY of my family. I would trust my life and the lives of my entire family to these products, and for a guy like me to say that, means a lot. I have done A LOT of articles, some bad, some good, some funny, some not... and I have reviewed A LOT of gear. Rough Country Rustic Furniture has my vote for furnishing my home and cabin... hopefully I can get more RCR Furniture in here to write another article about. Maybe something larger this time? Maybe a coffee table or a book case, or perhaps a headboard. Who knows? I guess we'll see what we see, when we see whats next for me... to write up. Keep it up RCR Team!! You all are changing the world of concealed firearms and home defense... I'm looking forward to seeing whats next and if youre anything like me, you are too.
(Side note: The next review will be one that takes place within the first week of arrival of the product. You guys, my fanbase, will not have to wait for my review this time.... SO STAY TUNED!!)  

If you want to contact RCRF, you can do so at their website: www.roughcountryrusticfurniture,com or give them a call at: (417)-543-2640 and ask for Joseph. Keep up the great work team!!