Revision Sawfly Glasses Review

By Jason, Blackthorn-USA

I received the Revision Sawfly shooters deluxe kit a couple months ago. This kit contained the spectacle frame, clear, tinted and vermillion lenses, storage case, anti-fog cloth and a micro fiber pouch. Prescription carriers are available by special order.


 Pic 01



The quality of the storage case seems pretty good, it has double stitched loops on the back and bottom for belt carry and a plastic snap link for clipping onto gear.


Pic 04


Initially I was worried about the lenses not fitting snugly in the frame because of continuously interchanging the lenses, after a month of use the lenses fit as they did the first day I got them. All lenses offer full spectrum UV protection, and I have noticed no optical distortion when looking to the sides. The wrap around style and lens shape offers superior protection from the front and the sides.


I wear these pretty much everyday and the adjustable arms don’t dig into the side of my head. The rubber nose piece fits snugly on the bridge of my nose with no slippage. They are amazingly comfortable and weighing in at only 1 ¼ oz. you might forget you’re wearing them.


I was impressed at the fact you can drop the Sawfly glasses, step on them, and they will hold their shape. I was less impressed with the “tough” scratch-resistant coating on the lenses. Of course they scratched when I stepped on them, but I also noticed light scratching from cleaning. Make sure your cleaning cloth isn’t dusty.

Pic 02,03


The retention strap seems to be very effective. It attaches to the end of the arms by snapping into a small hole. Easy on, easy off.

Pic 06


While the Sawfly glasses probably won’t withstand a direct hit from a .223, I believe they would offer more than adequate protection from BB/Airsoft pellets, ricochets and spall and of course, the sun. 

I would highly recommend these for anyone seeking comfortable, light weight protection from the hazards associated with shooting sports or daily wear.