2013-01-16 REACTOR Watches: SUPER Luminous, & SUPER Tough!!

A little while back we rec'd watches from the team over at Reactor Watches…two of them were the Gryphon, and the Trident. We had heard their watches were brighter than any other that used Luminous Compounds, but the difference was they ALSO used Tritium in their watches. To us, this was a HUGE curiosity factor… mainly because there may be others out there, but from what we knew, Reactor was making a watch that was combining features that we had wondered why no one had done before. The other curiosity for us was the Luminous Compound and the WAY they applied the Luminous Compound… but we will review that later. When the watches arrived, THAT is when things REALLY began to get interesting. Read on.

I'll tell you more, but before that, our first impressions of these watches: Tough/Robust Construction, INCREDIBLE FIT & FINISH (these watches look like they were made for Royalty!), very very VERY nice Case which is included with each watch, Case that comes with it also doubles as Protected Storage for the watch and extra links, and a "Can Cozy", SUPER BRIGHT Luminous Materials, SUPER Bright Tritium, and the part I love the most, they have Radioactive Symbols all over these watches. Awesome!

So lets talk Construction… to be sure I got it right, I contacted the guys over at Reactor and asked what materials they use, Luminous Compounds, Movement(s), and so on. These guys are incredible!

Not only are these guys using the BEST Crystals out there, but they are using some of the best metals in their cases, they actively work to make the bands more comfortable, they use proprietary compound rubbers in their non-meal bands, and they provide one of the nicest Cases with the Watch I have EVER seen come with one. Another fact you all may not know, the GITD Compound they use for the numbers is actual real Swiss SUPERLUMINOVA. The Real Deal Swiss SL costs about $8,000 per pound, if that gives you any idea how much they care about their watches and the customers wearing them. And even further than that, they LAYER the SUPERLUMINOVA Compound numerous times on each and every number and designated parts of the face.

Lets talk about the Gryphon first.

The Gryphon is Constructed from Nitromid Polymer, which is a Glass-Reinforced polymer with a tensile strength higher than steel. As they say on the website, most polymer watches have a problem of not being 'watertight' completely. Reactor solved this issue but incorporating a 316 Stainless Steel core inside the polymer housing to keep everything on the inside watertight.

According to Reactor, this created a watch that is over 50% Lighter than an all steel model with the same watertight integrity, yet with improved scratch and impact resistance.


--Gryphon Features
& Specs--
-Movement: Durable/Accurate Quartz Movement
-Unidirectional rotating timing bezel
-200M/660Ft depth tested
-Power: Miyota 2S65 10-year Lithium Power Cell
-Crystal: Japanese K1
-Case Construction: Ti, SS, or Nitromid Polymer
-Band Materials: Ti, SS, or Rubber
-Coating/Plating: Black Nitride
-Luminous Material: REAL Swiss SUPER Luminova
-Tritium Locations: 12,3,6,and 9, and both hands.
-Unique Tech: NEVER DARK

-Case diameter: 42mm
-Thickness: 14mm
-Weight: 95 grams
-Width at lug: 33.5mm
-Width at clasp: 22mm

Link to the GRYPHON Model: http://www.reactorwatch.com/reactor_gryphon.html

---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---

Now lets talk about the Trident.

With 6 Different Styles, each with 2 different types of bands, the Trident boasts 12 options for the buyer including Titanium or 316L Surgical Stainless Cases; Ti, 316L SS, or Specialty Rubber Bands; 5 different Face Colors, and so many more options. The faces can be Black, Red, Yellow, White, and even DigiCam! We should note that the Ti Models only come in All Ti with Black Face, or All Ti Case, Black Face with Black Rubber Band, but lets be honest, Black and Ti together have and will always look bad to the bone.

As the Site says, the Trident has quickly become a big Fav of Military and Law Enforcement, so lets dive into the Features and Specs of this masterpiece.

--Trident Features & Specs--
-Movement: Durable, accurate quartz movement
-Unidirectional rotating timing bezel
-200M/660Ft depth tested
-Power: Miyota 2S65 10-year Lithium Power Cell
-Crystal: Japanese K1
-Case Construction: Ti, 316L SS, or Nitromid Polymer
-Band Materials: Ti, 316L SS, or Specialty Rubber
-Coating/Plating: Black Nitride
-Luminous Material: REAL Swiss SUPER Luminova
-Tritium Locations: 12,3,6,and 9, and both hands.
-Unique Tech: NEVER DARK

-Case diameter: 40mm
-Thickness: 13.2mm
-Weight: 125 grams
-Width at lug: 29.2mm
-Width at clasp: 22mm

Link to the TRIDENT Model: http://www.reactorwatch.com/reactor_trident.html

Its plain to see the quality that Reactor Imparts on their watches. There were a few tests we did that we were unable to show pics of due to the circumstances surrounding the tests...but we will include the results. We have no pics, so its up to you whether or not the info is useful to you. But we can and will stake our rep on the results we saw first hand.

Number one was the Full Auto Test we had our friends at SWAT do for us. These watches, even though shaking at over 900rds per minute, still maintained their movements and didnt lose one second. We apologize for not having any pics, but the SWAT Training they were doing was with new Arms and we were not allowed to bring our Camera.

The Second test was simple but ended up not being cost effective. We had planned to send the watches down with the local Dive Teams, but were told it would cost upwards of $12K just to have them test do this for us. To be clear, we are not close with the Dive team here. We sought another avenue which was a pressure chamber at ASU which was unavailable, then we sought the one at NAU, which again was unavailable... so ultimately we had to shelf this test. However, the guys we have here that are Machinists are 100% confident that these watches can and will withstand up to 200M and even deeper if called upon to make that depth. They also recognized the extreme quality behind the machining and ability behind the guys making these Watches and their cases.

The Third Test was really hard to get pics of because of the lack of light. I wanted to see how bright the Luminous Compound was, so grabbed my Glock Model-22 and tried to dis-assemble it, and re-assemble it using only the Glow from the Reactor Watch. Well, It was surprisingly easy to do. Granted I wouldn't suggest it for your first time
dis-assembling and/or re-assembling a new firearm, but it gave me plenty of light to do a simple Dis-Assem, Cleaning, and Re-Assem. Here is a pic of the Glock and the Watch during the dis-assembly period.
*NOTE: I had to use a small UV Light to get the Glock to show on the camera, but we could clearly see the Glock without the UV Light in person.*

Some additional pics and info were the pics we took of the Reactor Watches next to a Traser "Shadow" Model watch. The Tritium in the Reactor is Green and Orange, where as the Tritium in the Traser is Blue and Orange. The Traser has more tritium in it, but the Reactor clearly glows much brighter. See Below.

lWe really dont have any 'changes' we would make to these watches...as theyre as close to perfect as we could ever ask for. We would, however, request that a few of their existing models have MORE Tritium put into them. Maybe take the Trident and put Tritium Tubes at all 12 numbers on the face, rather than "12, 9, 6, and 3" (and of course keep the Tritium on the Hands). I would also request that they research and implement mini-LEDs in some of their models, along with Tritium and their SUPER Luminous Compound... the LEDs would charge up the Super Lume anytime, and the LEDs could be used for an extra light source as well. They could program a few LED settings like "SOS" and Strobe, they could set Mini-UV LEDs and Mini-IR LEDs in the face so if a solder had to set his "SOS" off at night, only his team with their Night Vision would see it and be able to find him easily. A mini-GPS Locator might be neat too, and/or an integrated Tritium Compass set up (as an extra or integrated into the design). We also have some ideas on a "Defensive" Watch, but we would have to talk to the boys at Reactor privately about this. We Hope these ideas are useful.
**Note to Reactor: If you want to talk more with us about these ideas and others, let us know. 

In closing, I have one thing to say: The Team at Reactor has continuously, over and over, surprised and impressed us with their innovations, their use of high end & well thought-out materials, and with their extremely tight QC and Fit & Finish. When you are shopping for a new Watch, look no further than Reactor if you want one of the Nicest, most Robust, and Well Made watches on the market.

Be sure to check out their new Flight Watch/Pilots Watch: The Valkyrie-

And check out the rest of the site at:

A Special thanks goes out the Jimmy Olmes and Ted SilverBerg for their tireless work, amazing designs, and forethought in the world of watches. Keep up the good work Reactor. We look forward to working with you again.

Chief Out.