By: Chief 1-10-2014

Pohl Force 'Foxtrot' Knife

There are very few knives I can get right out of the box and look over and be impressed with anymore... VERY VERY few, and its getting fewer each day. However, when the Pohl Force Knives arrived from Pohl Force USA, I was not at all prepared for the surprise waiting for me inside that small, seemingly innocent box. When I opened it, and brought out the Foxtrot Knife, I was literally speechless. That feeling has only reached me a few other times in the course of gear reviews...to name one, was when the Pohl Force Alpha Survival Knife opened in my hand the first time. The mighty "CLICK" you hear and feel in your hand is far beyond any folder I have yet to feel to date. The only one that has that kind of power and confidence building strength built into it is the other PF Knife I am holding in hands now, the PF Foxtrot.

To be clear, you will noticed in some of these pics that the PF Alpha is hanging out too, it convinced me that it had to be in the pics too, so I relented.

The Specs/Details on the PF Foxtrot:
- 10.25" OAL x 5.75" Closed x 4.5" Blade w/ 4" Edge
- G10 and Titanium Handle Scales
- Beefy Stainless Steel Pivot Pins
- ROTOBLOCK Safety System
- Thumb Disc Blade Opener
- Comes w/ Embroidered Zipper Case
& Sticker
- Comes w/ "Zertifikat" of Authenticity Straight from PF

So, the PF Foxtrot is, above all things, a military grade folding knife. This beast is clearly built for combat, and to push thru some of the harshest environments on earth, and possibly space. No I'm not kidding. They chose a Framelock design for the Foxtrot, which is an extremely strong lock design, and further than that, they also included the Patented Lionsteel "ROTOBLOCK" Safety System that prevents the framelock from being opened if you switch the tiny lever over. As if that wasnt enough, the over 1/8" thick framelock scale is textured and lasercut to perfecting, and the opposing scale, machined from G10 is machined to fit the framelock side. This knife looks like a custom made folder in every way, and screams quality. The Pivot pin is beefy and overbuilt, the framelock has absolutely NO wobble or "play" in it, the blade is lasercut and meticulously heatreated D2 steel (They also come in Niolox), and even the pocket clip is perfect.

The next thing I see when I look at this knife is the WAY it fits into the hand. If you notice the way it sits in your grip, you can see the scales were machined and profiled to fit various grips. Look at the pics above, you see how the ridges of the lower profile of the handle actually fit one finger, then two fingers, the one finger? That wasnt by accident, these guys know what they're doing when it comes to knife design. They are well aware that it is not only how the knife works, but how it fits into your hand that makes a HUGE difference in how, and IF that knife will be used effectively.

You can switch between Saber Grip (As demo'ed in the very first picture above), Reverse Grip, or even cinch up on it for a really precise cut. This knife says EOD on it, which is known in the USA as 'Explosive Ordnance Disposal', however in Germany, it may be something different. Regardless, I find the EOD lettering to be ironic cause this knife is just about "bombproof". If you know gear then you know what "bombproof" means. (Please dont blow up your PF knives, that's the opposite of a good idea and I am fairly certain its not covered by the warranty. Don't be a moron.) 

If youre looking for a new knife, one that will fight just as hard as you do when youre in the field, then look no further than Pohl Force. I have no doubt that they will have a design that will fit your needs. It would be so nice if I could get one of these knives into your hands as you read this, cause I believe you would buy one RIGHT NOW if you could see, and feel how strong and well-made they truly are... but that's not possible... yet. However, in the immortal words of Phil over at Pohl Force USA..."These Knives really are THAT Good!"

Special Thanks to Phil at PF USA, and Dieter at PF Germany. Both of you have been invaluable and generous with your time and product, and we all thank you for this opportunity.

God Bless you all. Chief OUT.