Pohl Force Alpha Two Knife- Thick & Tough!
By: Edged "Expert" & Chief
May 12, 2013

Pohl Force….what an amazing knife company! Guys, readers, everyone who stops by the blog, you cannot even begin to imagine what I am holding in my hand. I am not sure if any of  you have ever handled a knife with such a powerful and thick locking mechanism before, but this is one of the thickest I have encountered to date. I have handled some of the nicest custom, mid-tech, and production knives on the market… nothing out there has stepped up to this yet. When Pohl Force says on their website that their knives are are made for the worlds elite, they are not just advertising. They are 110% serious. These knives are tough, and well built. When I first pulled this knife out of the box and unzipped the case it comes in, I unfolded the knife and heard an audible "CLICK" like I had never heard before. It was louder and hit harder than any knife in my current inventory. Its hard to articulate the exact feeling and force involved through words alone, but if you know my articles and my reputation as a writer, you know I am serious.

First up we have the package it comes in. High quality and top of the line, all the way throughout. Embroidered zippered case, embroidered patch, well made box, warranty paperwork, bilingual instruction manual, sticker,  and a hand signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  Like I said, Top of the Line, all the way.  

I haven't even touched on the knife itself. PTFE-coated 440C blade steel that is great for water operations due to its extremely high corrosion resistance, Black Zytel handle scales, Stainless Steel Liners, Serial Numbered, Shock Cord Lanyard, two mounting options for pocket clip, and more. 

Knife Closed: 5.75"
Knife Open: 10.25"
Knife Blade: 4.375"
Cutting Edge: 4"
Blade Thickness: 3/16" or .187"
Blade Width: 1.375"
Handle Thickness: 11/16" or 0.6875"
Handle Width: 1.5"

Another factor of the knife itself, the edge. And brothers and sisters, this knife is SHARP! It shaves off the hair on my arm with no problem. It holds an edge perfectly, and the PTFE Blade Coating is tough too. We were both completely impressed.

Although I don't believe these come standard with the Alpha Two, Mr. Pohl sent us their Ballistic Nylon Sheath thats designed for carrying the knife horizontally or vertically, when its folded. Along with the Nylon Sheath, they included another great product to their line, a Friction-Fitted Kydex sheath that is designed exactly for carrying the knife when its open.

I would suggest one thing to all of you. Go out, find a dealer that sells Pohl Force Knives, and BUY THEM! You will be glad you did. I want to send a special thank you out to Dietmar Pohl for sending us this fine knife for our Eval and writing. We look forward to reviewing more Pohl Force Knives. Thank you sir and keep up the great work.

EE and Chef out.