So I got these Carabiners sent to me in the mail for Testing/Review 'procedures'. I figured I would go ahead and do an initial post and my 'first impressions' of each Carabiner. The Black Diamond non-locking Carabiner is nice, well made, strong spring, and has good fit and finish. The Blue-ish color its anodized is nice, but it is very reflective too. The Gate links up real nice and fits in the "divet" just right. One of the things I like most about it is the feel of it in my hand.
    The Omega USA Locking Carabiner is quite nice as well. The black coating is decent but its already starting to rub off and I haven't even gotten out to any of the mountains, ridges, or any of the walls yet. I guess coatings aren't the biggest thing, but it is nice when you have a good one. However, it is a strong CB, it has a great lock with a strong spring, the fit and finish are ok as I said( the fit is better than the finish), and the locking mechanism is top notch. The Riveting on both CB's is top notch as well. These look to be Cast out of Aluminum, maybe 6061 or one of the other Aircraft Aluminum alloy's. Its hard to know for sure, I'm no metallurgist. 

I did get a chance to use all the various knots I know and do all the different tying exercises we use for Rescue and Rappelling. One thing to try out with these will be the the KN Strength they're rated for. However, some of these are rated well into the 4-5 digits...Simulating that much weight isn't easy. However I do believe we can test the fall strength ratings and things of that nature. I dont like to give away any of our actual testing procedures, or how we determine the exact scoring. Its alot more complicated than it looks, that's for sure.

    I'm impressed with both CB's so far, and I am looking forward to doing hardcore testing on them. I haven't decided which mountains I want to test these on yet, or maybe I'll see about doing a chopper insertion exercise and test them that way. Nothing is for sure just yet on the tests for these, but as usual, me and my team will kick the crap outta these CB's and see what their made of...sometimes literally. 

So Stay tuned for the next post regarding these Carabiners. I will likely have some pics of them being used in various ways, and maybe even some stuff no one has considered using these for yet. Check back for the upcoming reviews.