Microtech ADO knives Part 1- The Introduction/First Impressions



A bit ago I was informed by a friend that Microtech had brought out a newer version of the ADO knife. New handle, new tail cap, etc. Admittedly, I was intrigued. for the uninformed, the MT ADO is a one piece knife made from a solid bar of 440A Steel. The ADO is CNC'd out to either a Dagger, Clip Point, or Tanto profile. ADO stands for Alpha Detachment Operative. This knife was previous made of 154cm and had a knurled handle and different tail cap. However the ADO, like every other progressive tool in the toolbox, evolved and saw changes. Tony M is a genius in this respect, always thinking outside the box and trying to innovate. He succeeded with the ADO to the "Nth Degree".

The features that each have in common are the handle profile and shape which MT calls the "Waffle" pattern. This pattern provides good grip without sacrificing comfort. Many knife grips cannot achieve the same thing that MT has.

The next feature is the guard, it's symmetry is consistent with all 3 MT ADO models and provides plenty of "guard" to keep your hand from riding up on to the blade when in use. If you use knives ALOT, you know accidents can/will happen. MT has incorporated a guard that mitigates and minimizes these potential accidents if the knife is used correctly.

And the next feature that they all have in common is one of my favorites, the hollow handle. I myself keep a small Nano Striker Firestarter made by EXOTAC. The EXOTAC Nano Striker is available thru many dealers online. Check your local listings. Just because I keep a Ferro rod in mine, doesn't mean you need to. You may choose a whole survival kit, or a fishing kit, or some med supplies, or a bunch of Aspirin cause everyone around you gives you headaches. Hahahaahahahah.

The ADO in Dagger profile is my favorite by far. It's sexiest quality is, of course, symmetry. The knife, blade, tail cap, and serrations are perfectly symmetrical. That makes for a hell of a nice looking knife, and one with solid balance. And if you know knives, balance is difficult to achieve let alone perfect. Frankly, Microtech has achieved it with the ADO Dagger.

The ADO Tanto model is the next masterpiece in the line up. The best part about this knife is the profile and sleek lines of the knife. Some makers don't properly represent the Tanto design, and some might argue that MT doesn't either, but I know what feels good in the hand, and after a lifetime of collecting and plenty of years of training behind the knife, I would say my opinion on the ADO Tanto is valid. Whether you get the serrated or plain edge model, they are both quite nice and can be used for most anything you can ask of of knife of that size.

The ADO Clip Point or "S/E" model is the final blade on our docket. The thing that makes this one great is its logical place in the collection of ADOs. If it was just the Dagger and Tanto, the ADO line would have had something missing, but knowing this, MT made sure to make a Clip Point Single Edge Model. It is the perfect choice for those who don't prefer a Tanto, and can't/won't use a Dagger. The S/E ADO is a great knife for a Survival Kit, and frankly, you could take a small Fire Striker and put that ferro-rod in the hollow handle of the ADO...ANY of them.

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