2012-07-03 Maratac/CountyComm Goliath Skulls

In the box I got awhile back from CountyComm, there were a couple different items, these Cast Stainless Steel Skulls among them. I was very pleased to see them because our EDC Team Writers have been curious about these. So now, I will let them take over.

Ok, So Chief came into our area with some new items, these Goliath Skulls. I was very very happy to see them. As Chief said, we have all been wondering about these Skulls, how they work, the weight, mounting options, and so on. The Specs are as follows, direct from the CountyComm website:

- Dimensions: 31mm x 23mm x 37mm (its BIG!)

- High-density centrifuge cast

- 300 grade non magnetic high grade stainless

3.05 ounces

Cast from a wax model hand carved skull

Can tie tether cord through jaw on both sides

- No Hole in the Head, Solid Stainless

As a side note: Maratac makes another smaller skull that is about .5 ounces of Stainless Steel, their 'Yorick' Skull. I have one myself, and they are really nice. Anyways, back to the Goliath!

Take a look at the sheer DETAIL these Skulls have! That was a HUGE Surprise to me. Detail is not easy to do, I have seen lots of details lost in castings on the before vs. after...and I am guessing casting Stainless Steel takes heavy equipment, so these skulls are quite a feat! Look at the under side of the skull, its incredibly deeply cast. I am honestly also wondering where they had the sprue (sp?) on these skulls or if they were cast one at a time. Most smaller castings are done on a "tree-like set up" with one piece of jewelry or skull coming off of each branch. Look it up online if you wanna know more.

I like the feel of these Skulls, I like the size, I like the solid Casting, and I seriously like the High Polish. Maratac really did some amazing work here. I am confident these can and will stand up to some serious abuse, and we will likely find out! I also read that they can be Heat Treated to create unique effects and looks. I could also see that these Skulls could have epoxy infused with glow-powder set in the eyes and nose. These would look awesome that way, but that isn't our goal here. Just an observation. Take a look at the pics in this first installment of the Goliath Skull Review, and let Chief know what you all think.