The MagPul RVG is a top of the line Forward Grip set up for any Rifle that sports a rail system. The box is sleeved by a smaller piece, and has all the specs, size and color on the outside. A few different types of MagPul Grips are on the market and to be honest, they're all great.

The level of quality MagPul puts into their products rises above and beyond the call. These RVGs come in a few different colors, they include an RVG rail piece, mounting hardware, and of course a top of the line Grip. Making the RVG Package a grip worth buying, one for EACH of your rifles. ...Yes, they're THAT GOOD!!

I have unlimited faith in MagPul Products, but stay tuned for the 3-6 month update posting on this product. We will post pics and info on how well its held up thru use, abuse, and constant carry on our 'Testing M4'. Once we hit the 12 month mark, I'll do the final scoring.