2013-01-13 Krudo Knives Snag and Snagette Tools—Grip and Rip!

A little while back we received a nice package from Louis over at Krudo Knives. It contained one of the most innovative looking folders I have seen in quite awhile(as well as another wee badass blade). The SNAG 'Live Blade' Tool (Folding version). Its profile when open resembles an "S" shape, and its ergonomics are quite nice in my opinion. Enough about how awesome the knife looked at first, lets dive into the beast itself. And lets not forget its little sister, the 'SNAGette'. *Fair Warning: In some of the pics of the SNAG Knife, you may noticed biological material on the blade and in the serrations, that is from the Meant Testing we did with the 'Live Blade' SNAG Folder*.

First Impressions/"SNAG" Tool: Well made, Sharp as hell, tight serrations, smart construction, very grippy handle and ring areas, innovative design, interesting "extension" piece attached to the rear of the handle above the ring, good consistent handle coatings and blade blasting, clean and consistent lines and grinds, 4 position pocket clip with secure screws and no rattling, specialized pocket clip designed to retain the knife in the pocket or anything else its clipped to, striking surface on the ring and 'extension' bar, and much more. All in all, a damn fine knife.

First Impressions/"SNAGette" Tool: Again…Well Made, consistent symmetrical grinds, sharp as all hell, consistent black blade finish, decent tight holding thermo molded plastic/polymer sheath fitted to the knife, rounded "S" Shaped Blade and handle design fits the hand well, holes in the handle for cordwrapping if you prefer it…and much more. All in all, a damn good example of a neck knife, back up knife, or in this case, the SNAGs little sister knife.

Lets talk about the SNAG first. So, the Krudo SNAG is a very interesting design in that it fits in your hand in a very unique way. At first glance I thought "no damn way would this fit in my hand and feel ok", but to my delight, it did. In fact, it fit my hand exceedingly well. It feels to me and my team that the knife was made to push back into the hand as you grip it and as you cut with it.

It is reversible and can be deployed in the 'Saber' Grip or "Reverse" Grip. The Tool is able to be used in multiple ways and for multiple locks and pressure points. These locks can be applied with the blade closed or open, and from what our friend Mike Casto of AGPS showed me, IT HURTS LIKE HELL and works exceedingly well for what it was designed! Another thing I like about it is this, if you dont want to deploy the blade and go all "Condition Red" on whomever or whatever is attacking you, you dont have to. You can choose to lock them up, and hold them at bay, or use any one of a variety of Pain Compliance techniques that can be employed by this knife. (There is more info and videos on the SNAG on the SNAG Tool Website: http://www.krudoknives.com/ )

The sharp edge is very VERY sharp, and cuts like a razor. I dont often say this, but it readily defines the word "SHARP". Not to mention the Persian-Style upswept curve of the blade that allows for more edge in a smaller package. As well as the Serrations, making for a wicked wound in whatever you decide needs cutting. We chose to demo the wound capability of the SNAG with a 'Meat Test'...more on that in a bit. When I asked Louis why he chose to put serrations on the SNAG, he said(summary): "People often forget to sharpen their knives, so we included serrations to make sure there was always an edge to cut with. You might forget to sharpen your edge, but you will always have those serrations to make the cut." He presents a good point, I cannot even count the amount of times I forgot to sharpen my knives before going out camping or to work or anything else. Its so easy to forget, that's why serrations are such a good idea and why Louis and the Krudo Team are smart for incorporating them. Good move guys.

The other thing I like about the SNAG Folder is the audible "Click-Click" you hear when it opens, and the audible single "Click" you hear when it closes. That is a simple and easy way to know you're ready, even if you can't see your knife or anything for that matter. It is a feature that is often overlooked by manufacturers and is extremely useful in all aspects of EDC and use. *Suggestion* A useful aspect might be a small Tritium Dot(like the kind used in Night Sights on handguns) in the blade perhaps inserted into a Blood Groove, and on the bar that extends from the tang of the blade. That way you could see where your knife was at night, where to place your thumb, and so on.

Another feature spoken about above is the rough texturing on the handle "extension" bar, the ring at the rear of the handle, and on the spine of the folding knife blade. Now, to be clear, the 'jimping' or 'texturing' is very aggressive, and some people might dislike it. Our team and I are well aware of why its there and I just happen to really like it. For the 'un-informed', it is there to further secure the knife in your hand when slippery liquids/viscosity becomes an issue, and for extra grip during locks and Pain Compliance techniques. However, it can end up wearing on your pants or pocket you carry it in...so be aware of this possibility. The roughness of the texturing can wear a hole or fray fabric, but the level of retention when dealing with the above mentioned 'viscous' fluids is excellent. Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean. If you want to pick up a SNAG Tool or any one of the many other badass 'Live Blades' the Krudo Team has to offer, shoot over to: http://www.krudoknives.com/Live-Blade_c_7.html …and pick up a few. Having more than one of these blades in your toolbox would be a wise decision. I have 1 in my training bag, one in my EDC set up, and even one for my wife. And at the smart prices Krudo charges, you can easily afford more than one.

The SNAG Dimensions are as follows:
Closed Length: 5" inches
Open Length: 6-7/8" OAL
Blade Length: 2.5" inches
Blade Edge Length(Tip-Choil) 3.250"
Serration Length: 1-3/8" inches
Blade Steel: Unknown
Handle Materials: Unknown
Ring/Extension Bar Materials: Unknown
Lock Style: Liner Lock
Kicks ass: Yes, very much so.
Link: http://www.krudoknives.com/-SNAG-20-Folder-with-serrations-_p_32.html  Cost: $169.00

(You can also get the Original SNAG Tool for $135.00 on sale now! http://www.krudoknives.com/-SNAG-Folder-Live-Blade_p_11.html )

We recently tested some blades with a side of Beef Roast to gauge their cutting and piercing abilities…and the Krudo SNAG tool was one of the serious front runners in the "cutting and ripping" category. Our results are as follows.

(Here is where we will be putting in the Meat Testing pics and showing the depth of cuts...If I recall correctly, the SNAG went in TWO INCHES at one point!...thats badass)

I hope you all got alot out of the Testing pics and the clear evidence of the Depth of cut the SNAG tool and its design is capable of. Another factor of note: I sliced into the Side of Beef, and I was barely using any force...the blade cut so cleanly and so easily, I was almost unsure whether or not I was actually making contact. Of course I was, but wow.

Now, on to the SNAGette....The Snagette came with the SNAG Tool and is frankly one of the coolest little neckers or belt knives I have seen and carried in a long time. I didn't get a chance to use it on the meat, but from the edge geometry I can see that it too has plenty of edge built into the compact and carry-friendly design.

The Finish on the blade, I am not sure what it is, but it is a damn nice finish. Very clean and consistent. The Logos are clean and sharp. All the edges on the handle and rings are sanded down and smooth for a comfortable feel in hand. The handle is "Skeletonized" so if you wanted to cordwrap the handle, I believe you could. It wouldn't take much cord because the handle is quite small, but it can be done to increase grip and provide that "sinking in" feeling when you grip the handle.

The sheath fits damn near perfectly. And according to Louis, you are supposed to be able to deploy the Snagette Blade by throwing an Uppercut punch. I will dive deeper into this and get more info soon. Sounds doable though from what I can see by the design itself, although we haven't tried it yet. But being that I have a background in Muay Thai (Trained at Fairtex), I am excited to see how this works. I'm also partial to the Rivet placement on the sheath, it lends itself to many sheathing and mounting options with paracord or Malice Clips, or possibly even a Tek-Lok.

The Blade is Sharper than hell and pointy as all hell. Its edge sweeps down and under the ring just a bit, and is great for those slicing, turning  cuts. It too can be deployed in the "Saber Grip" or "Reverse Grip" if one was keen to do so. If you're looking to pick up a Snagette, head over to the SNAGette page and grab a few: http://www.krudoknives.com/SNAGette_c_10.html   <--At the low prices Krudo charges, you can easily get a few or more. You could even outfit your entire class if you wanted to introduce the SNAGette or SNAG tool into your Schools training regime.

The dimensions of the SNAGette are as follows:
Overall Length: 5-3/8" OAL
Blade Edge Length: 2" inches
Serrations: None
Blade Steel: Unknown
Handle Materials: Same as blade/Skeletonized
Blade Finish: Unknown
Ring Diameter: 7/8"- 15/16" inner
Lock Style: None
Kicks ass: Yes x2
Link: http://www.krudoknives.com/SNAGette-Fix-blade-with-Sheath_p_21.html  Price: $135.00

Be sure to check out the new SNAGette 2.0 too!! http://www.krudoknives.com/SNAGette-20-154CM_p_29.html

In closing, I believe both of these Knives to be extremely good buys and very well made. Not to mention having a system of usage that is for these knives specifically. The Krudo Team and their Knife designs are innovative, well made, solid, and well thought out. All in All, a great buy, a great company, and really great customer service. If you would like to contact the Krudo Team, please shoot over to their contact page: http://www.krudoknives.com/Contact-Us_ep_5.html

A VERY Special thanks goes out to Louis and the Krudo Team for their generosity and forward thought in the knife design and manufacturing arena. You all are Standing Tall in a world of knives that all tend to look the same. Keep up the great work. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Please visit KRUDO at:

Edged Expert and Chief, OUT!