2012-10-12 Kizlyar Supreme Knives Triple Threat Preview!!

WHAT makes a Good Knife? HOW is a 'Good Knife' defined? WHERE do I buy such a knife? Kizlyar Supreme has answered these questions with a Line-Up of knives that redefines the Tactical Knife Genre ....the Tactical Echelon Line. Along with that line up, there are other knives we want to cover as well. The knives we will show in our Triple Threat Preview are: From the Outdoor Series- The Vendetta, From the Amigo Series- the Amigo X, and from the Nikki & Santi Series- the Nikki Model (seen above in order).

*Please Note: We will be showing knives from the Tactical Echelon Line-Up in the Larger Article, and we also may show a few in another preview coming up soon. We have 2 Tactical Echelon Knives being tested in Blackthorn USA's Survival School at this very moment so stay tuned for that.* 

For a little while now we have been writing an article about 2013 Warfighter Gear, and one of the categories in this huge article is called "Knives for the 2013 Soldier". We have knives from a few different groups and companies, but few have impressed me the way Kizlyar has. I see a lot of knives...and I mean ALOT...and the truth is, many of them are nice. But Kizlyar Supreme is putting out knives that are priced like a Production Level Model, yet built to the standards of a Custom Level Knife. If you know knives, you know "Customs" are normally the best you can get in the knife world. "Mid-Tech" is generally considered Part Custom/Part Production and costs more than production knives, and of course "Production Level" Knives are what they are. The Quality Control Standards and Material used vary widely from company to company, and the level of fit and finish is usually what separates Production, Mid-Tech, and Customs... as well as cost. 
What surprised myself and the rest of the writers here at Gunmetal was the fact that Kizlyar Supreme Knives are built to the Level of a Custom Knife. The Quality, and Fit & Finish are far above standard as far as whats expected from a 'Production Knife'. Things like the handles scales lining up perfectly to the tang with no overlap and the scales being sanded to a very fine grit. The blade grinds being perfectly symmetrical (We measured them with a digital caliper), the leather sheaths being made to fit the knives (not just a generic leather sheath), the coatings on the knives being uniform color and tone, plus the coating adds thickness to the steel which Kizlyar allowed for when they made the handles, the nylon sheaths being engineered properly to fit the larger Tactical Echelon and Outdoor Knives, and the G10 Sheaths used in the Amigo series have positive contouring, texturing, and tight tolerances to hold the little Amigo Knives securely. I will dive deeper into the Engineering behind these knives and the sheer genius that is evident in their design as we go thru all of the different models and designs Kizlyar Supreme offers in their Tactical Echelon, Outdoor, Nikki & Santi, and Amigo Series.

Above you can see the Kizlyar Supreme Knives we are showing in the preview... the Vendetta (Top), the Amigo X (Middle), and the Nikki (Bottom). All of which are available in two types of steel, AUS8A, and my favorite...D2. All of them come with sheathing, but all three have different types of sheaths. The Vendetta has a Tactical Nylon MOLLE Compatible Sheath in Black. The Vendetta's Sheath has a Plastic insert inside the sheaths outer shell that holds the knife securely, and it has a strap system that holds the knife in as well. The Amigo X comes with a Sheath made of Red and Black G10...yes I said it, G10. Its a very different way of making a sheath, but it is incredibly secure and tough, not to mention weather resistant. And the Nikki model comes with a Specific Leather Sheath made just for the Nikki and Santi model knives. It is stamped with the company name and comes with a strap attached to it for securing the knife into the sheath.
All of these come with a Handle Lanyard, all come with a Box or a Carry Case, all come with an International Warranty Certificate, and all of Kizlyar Supreme's Knives come extremely sharp right out of the box. Many of them I have handled can shave right away, which is rare for a "Production Knife". Cause lets be honest, most "Production Level Knives" aren't all that sharp out of the box. Furthermore, many have very badly thought out edge geometry.

So lets get into the Vendetta Model from the Outdoor Series, which happens to be one of my personal favorites.

-The Vendetta Model Specifications and Sizes-

Overall Length: 259mm
Blade Length: 130mm
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Blade Width: 34.5mm
Handle Length: 129mm
Handle Thickness: 18.5mm
Blade Steel: German D2 Steel (Available in AUS8A also)
Blade Finish: Black Anti-Reflective Coating (Satin also Available)
Hardness Level: 60-62 HRC
Handle Material: Black G10
Included: Knife, multifunctional MOLLE Compatible Sheath, lanyard, International Warranty Cert
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
Notes: specs and sizes may vary slightly

Here are some pics to show the Vendetta on a MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest. The pics show the knife being unsnapped, drawn from the sheath, and held in various grips. I should note the back of the sheath has 3 MOLLE attachment points...two up towards the top where the belt loop is, and one that is centered towards the bottom half of the sheath and runs to the very bottom. And Now...Pics.

So now we move on to the Amigo X Knife from the Amigo Series. According to the website, the Amigo Series was designed specifically for neck carry only. These Knives come in a few different color handles, and of course have the Black Non-Reflective Finish or Satin Finish Blades. The sheaths, as we spoke about earlier, are made of Black and Red G10 and they are fit to have the knife held in tightly. The G10 sheaths also have eyelets for mounting a neck lanyard or ball chain for neck carry. Below we will show numerous pics of the knife being worn and being deployed. There is a "thumb-ramp" that aids in the Amigo X's Deployment from the G10 sheath which we show in the pictures. Lets get to the pics and we will show you the features we are speaking of...but first...Specs and a Link.


Overall Length: 130mm
Blade Length: 51mm
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Blade Steel: German D2 Steel (Available in AUS8A also)
Blade Finish: Black Anti-Reflective Coating or Satin
Hardness Level: 60-62 HRC
Handle Material: Black, Blue, and Orange G10 are available
Included: Knife, G10 Neck Sheath, lanyard, International Warranty Cert
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
Notes: specs and sizes may vary slightly

Then the Final Knife we examined and evaluated is the Nikki Knife from the Nikki/Santi Series of Knives. This knife and its sister knife the Santi were a pleasant surprise to my team and I. As I spoke of earlier, these Kizlyar Supreme Knives have a level of craftsmanship that hits high above the mark for what is expected of a "Production Level Knife". These knives are damn near perfect in every aspect...in other words, we couldn't find any defects, or anything wrong with them at all. They were ideal size, and the specs were designed exactly how they were needed for an easy to use/easy to deploy "EDC" type belt knife. Anyways...lets get to the Specs.

The Nikki Specs are as follows, and a link to the product is here:

Overall Length: 200mm
Blade Length: 90mm
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Blade Material: AUS8A Steel (Available in German D2 Steel also)
Blade Finish: Black Anti-Reflective Coating or Satin
Hardness Level: 58-59 HRC
Handle Material: Black Micarta
Included: Knife, High Quality Leather Sheath, lanyard, International Warranty Cert
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
Notes: specs and sizes may vary slightly 

We got these in the mail just in time to show them to some of our local Soldiers here in AZ that stopped by the shop...and they were completely and totally impressed, just as we were. We were also able to show them to the local SWAT Team and let them handle the knives so they could feel what they felt like and try out the weight. The main attraction for the SWAT unit and the local Soldiers was Kizlyar's Fit and Finish. It was no surprise to us, but to them, it was a big surprise. We weren't able to get any pics as they were only here for a few minutes, but next time they are here, I will get pics if they will let me. 

Frankly, from what I have seen so far, these knives are some of the best I have handled in years....and some of the best I have USED in even longer. Normally you would buy a custom knife and expect this kind of workmanship and quality, but Kizlyar Supreme is offering this kind of quality at an affordable rate for almost anyone. That "Quality for Price" Equation is what is separating them from other companies at this point, if you ask me. I have adopted many of the Kizlyars as personal favorites, and one of them sits in my Bug Out Bag as we speak. I don't take knives lightly, and neither does my team. We dont add just any knife to our Bug Out Bags and Tactical Gear Bags. But ALL of us agree, Kizlyar
Supreme makes Knives that are well worth the price, made to a standard well above average, and designed with the end user in mind.

There are very few products where I will say: "Don't hesitate to buy this item"... But ANY Knife from Kizlyar Supreme I would not hesitate to buy. Your money will be well spent when you pack a Kizlyar
Supreme Knife.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to visit the links, see the knives, and if you want a badass beast of a knife for a price almost anyone can afford, look no further than Kizlyar Extreme (Kizlyar Supreme) Knives.

Authored by: GunMetal Edge "Expert" and Chief, written as Team Article.

**Note: You may notice the home site is in Russian, if you Google the site, there is a link under the site name that says: "Translate this page"...use that if you want to read it.**