2012-11-14  Helikon-Tex Gear: SFU Pants, Combat Shirt, Boonie Hat, and Baseball Cap

A little while ago my research team was on one of its "due diligence" missions to find more and more info on Tactical Clothing. We are looking to add more diversity to the site, so naturally we look to find more products that are outside the norm…but yet still keep the well known gear around as well because of its quality and popularity.

Well my team found a company called Helikon-Tex. From our research, we believe they are based out of Poland, but we know they are in Europe. From our team members who have been in contact with the company, we can say that their customer service is great. They respond to emails quickly and promptly and they ship items out very quickly. If you want to contact them yourself, their email is:
info@helikon-tex.com and their phone number is: +48 71 317 80 00 …open Mon-Fri 700am - 1500pm. We will have contact info and Hyperlinks at the end of the article and inside the article as well. Please visit their website at: http://helikon-tex.com/

On to the fun stuff…the gear. So what we will focus on first is the SFU Pants. I gotta say this, from experience, these pants fit great. I love the feel of the pants, and I really enjoy the way they move when I move. The SFU (which means Special Forces Uniform) Pants are built out of 60% Cotton/ 40% Polyester and each pair weighs 0.684 kg according to the website. They have a 9-Pocket construction, double-reinforced knees and seat, pockets to install knee pads, button fly, adjustable waistband, and adjustable cuffs. The 9-pocket construction consists of 2-front, 2-back, 2 large cargo pockets on the outer thighs with Velcro Flaps, 2 smaller front pockets, and 1 small calf pocket on the right lower leg.

The two front pockets are a decent size and easily fit my wallet, keys, and other EDC's… the rear pockets never get used by me, however they are of decent size as well.
The Knee Pad Pouches are nice and can fit a couple types of pads from what I can see, and can even fit your own pads if you choose to cut some out from closed cell foam padding. 

I'm a fan of the Cargo Pockets on the outer thighs myself. They have a generous amount of room, they are bar-tacked at stress points, and quite well made. There aren't any special elastic bands on the inside of the Cargo Pocket or anything of that nature, but the Calf Pocket is quite unique in that respect.

The Calf Pocket is very very cool. It has a nice deep pocket that can hold items up to 6" Long and 2" Wide (Safe Estimate, actual pocket room is bigger). For you Soldiers, SWAT, Spec Ops, SAR Teams, Fire/EMS or even the Airsoft Teams, and other re-enactment groups out there, this Calf Pocket opens up a massive variety of options. These pockets have a very innovative and special feature on the outside of them as well… Elastic Bands and Small Mini Pockets to hold Cyalume Light Sticks, Flashlights, and a whole host of other possibilities that would fit such a set up. One recommendation though, Weight: keep the weight of the items you put on the outside of that pocket in mind. The pocket will move around and possibly make more noise than usual if an item that is exceedingly heavy is inserted. I would recommend you do your "due diligence" on what you can and cannot fit in the outer attachment points on the calf pocket, and try running with whatever you choose to insert. Don't just throw in whatever and expect that it will sit still and not cause problems…TRAIN WITH YOUR GEAR.

One of the finest pairs of Tactical Pants I have ever worn…far and away. If you would like to get a pair in your own size, visit this link: http://helikon-tex.com/SP-SFU-PR
Next up, we have the UBACS- Under Body Armor Combat Shirt. Nicely done and tight fitting to the body which is good if you plan to wear it under a Vest, Chest Rig of any sort, or a Plate Carrier. The Combat Shirt is built of 95% Polyester/5% Spandex, comes in sizes S-XXL, and weighs in at 0.562 kg according to the website. The Construction looks to be sound, however I am not a huge fan of the Stretchy material they used for the Torso Area…but it is breathable and thats just my opinion. I do like the Arms and the materials used for that, as well as the way they are constructed.

The pocket room is decent for only having sleeve pockets. There are two upper sleeve pockets with outer Velcro Panels. The Velcro panels are for Unit patches or ID patches, of course. And each pocket has an inner-facing zippered side entry area.

There are lower arm pockets on each arm, one on the left side for pens and small long Cylindrical Objects, and one on the right for other small objects like Ipod Nanos, your watch, a small cell phone, and…other stuff.
There are also Pockets on the Elbows for Pads that have Skid Plates, and can be left in place for quick deployment. It also features very well made Sleeve Cuffs with Velcro Closure Straps. Not a lot to say about that, pretty self-explanatory.

The UBACS also features a zippered "Mandarin Collar" which is nice and a standard feature on many Battle Uniforms lately, including the US Army ACU. The Shirt "Tail" seems to be long enough to tuck in and stay tucked in which is good for keeping everything in order. If you would like to get A UBACS Shirt in any of the various colors, visit this link on the Helikon-Tex site: http://helikon-tex.com/KO-CS2-PO

The Baseball Cap is quite nicely made and well constructed, just as all the Helikon-Tex Gear is that we have featured thus far. It features velcro attachment points on the front, top, and 2 at the rear of the hat. It's made of 60% Cotton/40% Polyester, meant to have a "one size fits all" type of sizing, and weighs in at only 0.078kg. It also features ventilation holes on the upper area of the hat. If you would like to get one yourself, here is a link to the Hat on the Helikon-Tex site: http://helikon-tex.com/CZ-BBC-PT

The Boonie Hat is quite nicely made and well constructed, just the same as the Hat, Pants, and Shirt. Made to the same Specs as the U.S. Military Boonie Hat It features a barracked strap all around the hat for foliage, jute or burlap, or other such things… it has 4 vents for heat exchange, 2 on each side of the head… an adjustable  chin strap for obvious reasons… and buttons around the rear of the hat for the included neck 'shield' piece that comes with it. During Operations, the neck 'shield' is useful for mosquitos, the sun beating down on your neck, and so on. This hat comes in a variety of colors, and it comes in Sizes: S-XL. It's made of 60% Cotton/40% Polyester, and weighs in at just 0.136 kg. If you would like to get one of these Boonie Hats, here is a link to the page on the Helikon-Tex site: http://helikon-tex.com/KA-BON-PR

In closing, I feel that this gear from Helikon-Tex is well made, and well designed. I would recommend it to friends and I will be using this gear myself. If you would like to visit their site, go to: http://helikon-tex.com/ and see the huge variety of items they make. As a side note…I was very impressed with how many different kinds of items they had there. BDUs, HeadGear, Boots, Gloves, Jackets, H20-Proof Gear, Uniforms, Shorts, and so much more.

A BIG Thanks to the Helikon-Tex Marketing Team and the folks who manufacture their designs. Visit http://helikon-tex.com/ to learn more and see more of the innovative gear from Helikon-Tex. Thank you for reading....

Chief Out.