So few times in my life am I actually speechless when I first grasp a new product right out of the box...today, with the CROVEL EX, was one of those times. I pulled it out, and immediately was struck with the quality and solid feel. CLEARLY they were NOT messing around when they designed and made this beast. Tim Ralston and his team have put a product, well worth its weight, into the pipeline of survival tools and equipment. The simple fact is, there just arent enough badass pieces of gear out there...well it looks to us like Tim Ralston, GEAR UP,  and the whole CROVEL Team intend to change that, with an iron (or should I say Hardened Steel) fist!
I say "DO IT!"...its about time.


Normally I am a huge advocate of lighter is better, but the CROVEL EX comes in at 5.5 lbs. However, the consideration you need to make is, you dont need a hammer anymore, you dont need as many crowbars anymore (some preppers carry a few types for different doors and windows), you dont need a nailpuller anymore, you dont need a shovel anymore, and you will also likely have the Z Spike for any of lifes 'other' problems. So with the 5.5lb CROVEL EX, you have replaced twice that weight or more in tools, The CROVEL EX really is Hitting well above its weight in utility, features, materials, accessories, and overall strength.

- The C-EX is Over 28" Long w/o the Z-Spike

- Hardened 10gauge Steel Shovel Head and hollow Handle Shaft with storage

- 1.25" x 1.25" 4140 Steel Hammerhead with threaded hole for Knurled End Cap or Z-Spike Attachments (new Z-Sling Attachment available as well)

- The Shovel head is roughly 8.5" long and just under 6" wide...with just under 5" of Sawteeth and a nice bottle opener

- Custom Built Knurled Steel Collar, along with a Top of the line Grade 'A' Washer, both on the  Over-sized Beefy Threads that assure a STRONG, No-Slip locking position

- Z-Spike Attachment is roughly 3 1/8" in length (not including threads) 

- And A LOT MORE info on its other features in our next part of the review...

So I am assuming you all wanna know what really makes the C-EX so unique...why should you buy one (or 10)? Well, below is a long list of info on the C-EX straight off the GEAR-UP Website. Everything you will read below is 100% correct, and the features and reasons to buy dont stop there either. Have a look...

What makes the Crovel EXTREME superior?

THE HANDLE: The Crovel Extreme boasts a 14 inch hollow steel handle that allows storage of key survival items such as: a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight, knife (fillers/accessories not included), while maintaining its heavy duty handle integrity. The handle is plugged at the end out with an aluminum-threaded plug.

THE HAMMERHEAD: The Crovel Extreme's hammerhead has also been upgraded to give a wider surface to the head allowing for easier use.

THE CLAW: The Crovel Extreme's crowbar claw has been upgraded include a woodworking chisel as well as a pry.  

Pending-PATENT PENDING: Its unique patent pending design combines the functions of over 13 tools into one indispensable tool that can handle a multitude of tasks.

: The shovel head boasts a 10 gauge hardened steel with a grade “A” washer and a custom steel collar with an oversized thread pattern assuring a strong no slip locking position.   The forged steel hammer head adds to the list of survival tools that the user can use in the field.

THE EDGE: The strength and sharpness of the shovel edge gives you the ultimate cutting, chopping, sawing surface that will keep its edge even if you lose yours.

 550 paracord is wrapped on the hand to add grip strength and to give you 15 ft.. of life saving material that can be use in thousands of different ways. 

Introducing “CROVEL Extreme”, the "The Ultimate Survival Tool" and NEW MUST HAVE Multi-Tool.

ALL-IN-ONE: Like its predecessor The Crovel Shovel, The Crovel EXTREME eliminates the need for several tools- eliminating extra weight and increasing versatility.

Stay Tuned and keep a look out for our next installment (Stage-2) of our testing period for the CROVEL EXTREME. You wont be disappointed when you see what we have in store.

A HUGE Thanks to Tim Ralston, Scott Conditt, and everyone at GEAR-UP for their tireless work and amazingly insightful innovations in the Survival/Prepping World. Myself, and all of your fans will be watching you guys to see whats next from your team, and we are all sure it will be amazing. Get ready everyone, cause these guys are just getting started!! Here's where to order your own CROVEL.. http://www.gearupcenter.com/exclusive-crovel-shovel/ 

DO NOT WAIT...ORDER YOURS RIGHT NOW or miss out on one of the absolute best Survival Tools of 2012!!

I will leave all of you out there with this final thought: I can say, with some serious authority, if you are on the fence about the CROVEL, in ANY of its forms, get off the friggin' fence, get out your cash, and make the best damn purchase you will make for your survival prep all year!
-Chief out.