2012- 09- 10 Gerber EOD Kit...DAMN NICE IMHO.

Hey Guys...
I had a request awhile back to review the Gerber EOD Kit...so here it is.
I got the Gerber EOD Kit a few weeks back in a package from Gerber. I was actually initially surprised by how lightweight the package was when I pulled it out of the box. It is a nicely made case that the kit comes in...and of course its a Gerber so it carries a nice warranty/guarantee. So lets get to the nitty-gritty cause I got some load of pics for you guys.

Initial Impressions: Nice Black MOLLE Compatible Case/Holster made of HD Ballistic Nylon, Straps on the rear that allow attachment to any MOLLE Platform, All Black Case/Holster with what looks to be very very nice stitching, the buttons used on the MOLLE straps are tough as nails so far...I had a hard time un-buttoning them, a beefy YKK Zipper, looks to weigh a little over a pound, The Mine Probe has its 3 Titanium Extension Rods with threaded ends, deep threads that look to be tough and well cut, then there are the tips, 3 Metal ones which I believe are Titanium, and 3 which I believe are Delrin (the black ones), the Handle of the Mine Probe is lightweight and well made with deep threads on either end, the included EOD Multi-tool is beefy and tough, well made, and the blade in it is sharp as all hell, the serrations on the blade are neat and different(i'm a fan of serrations), and it includes multiple useful tools in the handle like a C4 Spike, and then we have the Gerber mini-Flashlight that is included as well(and a battery). All of which fit perfectly into the included case.

The Specs/Features off the Gerber site for the Whole kit are:

-Item # 05982
-NSN # 5180-01-516-3229
-Weight: 22.0 oz.
-3 Nylon Probe Tips
-3 Titanium Probe Tips
-3 Titanium Shafts (total of 25" when all together)
-Nylon Handle
-D.E.T. Multi-Tool

^The Mechanism used for the "RemGrit" Saw is quite unique and different. We were completely impressed with its ease of use and strength, and of course the sheer ability of the "RemGrit" to cut thru so many things. All I can say about RemGrit Saws...DO NOT give them to prisoners. :-D

The Specs off of the Gerber site for the Multi-Plier 600 DET:

Overall Length: 6.61"
Closed Length: 5.04"
Weight: 9 oz.
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
Pliers Type: Blasting Cap Crimper
Handle Color: Black Oxide

Features of the Multi-Plier 600 DET EOD:
-Needlenose pliers with blasting cap crimper
-Wire cutter
-Wire crimper
-C4 punch
-Fine edge knife
-RemGrit saw with universal coupler
-Cross point screwdriver
-Large flat blade screwdriver
-Lanyard ring
-Can opener
-File (Metal and Wood)
-Flick of the wrist, one-handed opening pliers
-Non-reflective black finish
-C4 punch and blasting cap crimper
-Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty

So lets get to the pics ya'll....

Here is the Kit, showing measurements.

A ways further up the page, you see the locking mechanism...how it works, and the internals. You also see the way the pliers slide up and down in the handle when deployed or retracted. Another Locking Mech you get to see is the "RemGrit" Locking Mech....as stated previously, a very unique design and execution on the part of Gerber.

So as far as the 1st part of this review goes, I am done. This kit is quite nice in my opinion...well made...tough...and has some great features. I believe MSRP is $350 but you can find them from $220-$250 here and there. The next part will be me testing the stuff a bit more...and trying it out.

Thanx for reading and enjoy.

-Weapons "Expert"