Fox Bellum Daga: Serious Piercing Power!!

Written By: Crew-Chief

Written For: Gunmetal GB

Date: 02-17-2013


When I was younger, one of my absolute favorite knives was the iconic WWII V-42 Dagger used by the First Special Service Force (FSSF). The FSSF put the V-42 to work with deadly efficiency, along with their signature black face paint, became known as the ‘Black Devils’ or the ‘Devils Brigade’. The V-42 Dagger was based on the Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife which was just as, if not more iconic. Without going too deeply into the history of daggers and the commandos of WWII, I will say this… FOX Knives has designed a dagger that the commandos of WWII would have not only carried, but would have fully respected for its capabilities and genius design. When I first opened the box of the Bellum Daga, I didn’t expect the Bellum Daga to be as long as it was. A pleasant surprise to say the least.

One of the features I loved most about the WWII V-42 was the longer slender blade, sharpened with excellent geometry. Just like the V-42, the Bellum Daga is sporting fine edge geometry, and a skull crusher pommel, but with other features that make it a preferable choice to the WWII Daggers. The features that would have made commandos all over the world adopt it, had it been available during WWII.

The first feature I see that the commandos would have preferred over the WWII Daggers is the construction of the one-piece doubled sided guard. The WWII Daggers all had guards that were slid onto the tangs and either soldered or friction fit into place. As we all well know, these can come loose. The Bellum Daga’s guard, blade, and tang are all one piece, making its construction tougher than the previous Daggers of WWII.


The next feature is the aggressively textured G10 Handles. Even with all sorts of viscous fluids all over your hands, losing grip on this knife seems unlikely.  The designers at FOX also took note on the V-42 Dagger’s ricasso. The ricasso on the V-42 has a thumb groove and slots ground into its flats which aided the commando in using the V-42 with its blade flat or “horizontal”. The thumb was placed over the crossguard and onto the thumb groove so his hand was in the prime position to slip the blade between the enemies ribs, and so the commando could slash forehand or backhand. FOX was paying attention to this feature and incorporated a similar ‘thumbrest’ but they positioned it at the top of the G10 handle scales. With the proper grip, your hand takes on the same position as the commandos used with the V-42. It is rare that knife companies in this day and age look back and see what was good about the designs that came before, but clearly FOX has done this, and to great effect.

The Finish on the Bellum Daga is even and uniform, well done, and non-reflective. The secondary bevel or sharp edge is even and sports a good working edge. And the ballistic nylon sheath is made with a kydex insert and includes a double snap retention towards to top of the sheath to secure the knife in the sheath, a loop on the back for belt carry, MOLLE attachment capability, as well as non-slip leg straps for additional carry options. All the options? Yes.

FOX took everything good about the most significant daggers of the wars of our past, re-vamped them, re-designed them, added new features, used new materials, and from that a Dagger of Epic Status was born… The Bellum Daga.

To purchase a Bellum Daga, and I would suggest that you do, there are plenty of online retailers, or you can go to the Fox Knives Military Division website and contact them for more information or a dealer nearest you. Their contact info is: ßEmail addresses are at this page


FOX Office Number/ Italy: +39-0427-730376

I want to thank Gabriele Frati of FOX Knives- Italy, and FOX Knives USA’s Mr. Mike VelleKamp. I also want to thank the fine folks at FOX Knives USA and FOX Knives Italy as well. Thank you and we look forward to working with you all more in the future.

Chief out.