We just got this knife prototype sent to us a few weeks back by the crew over at EDCK&T. Its a Triple Sided Tanto Ground Fist Knife with Black G10 handles, roughly 3.5" of cutting edge, nearly 1/4" thick CPMD2 steel, large 3/16" serrations, an exceedingly large Strap-Cutter, Kydex sheathed, and the blade is Chisel ground for extra beefiness. All in all an impressive package out of the box, but those were just the initial impressions. 

So I decided I would be the one doing this Review and took over. I drew the Triple Ground Tanto out of its Sheath and right away I was greeted by a strikingly tough looking blade. The grinds were straight, the edges were wicked sharp, and the handles were perfectly fit to the tang. The Bottle opener you see in the 1st pic here, I tested that first cause when I began writing about this piece, I was already done for the day, so I cracked open a beer using that opener. It worked great.
I went on to test the sharpness by cutting thru newspaper, the blade caused no ripping. The serrations were tested with Rope, and they ripped right thru the rope, and finally I tested the Strap-Cutter on some spare strap pieces I have laying around. It also cut quite nicely, although I would like to see it a bit sharper, however it is plenty sharp to get any job done. Pushing and Pulling motions both cut equally well with the 3 sided Tanto Edge and the Serrations. Then I proceeded to the blade finish. It looks as if EDCK&T left the Heat Treated 'Grey' Look on the blade. I recalled my right hand guy saying there was a letter with this knife so I went to look at it. The letter stated some of the features, the dimensions, materials used, and the fact that the blade was left Grey by request of the customer who ordered it. The crew over at EDCK&T make various types of knives for people, but from what I hear, they are kind of exclusive and expensive. There's nothing wrong with that though, as long as you get what you pay for, and so far, it looks like you do when you get an EDCK&T "Combat Medic" Fist Tanto. 
My natural progression of examining and handling the product led me to having it in the usual Fist Knife grip, and feeling for any sort of ridges, burrs, uneven spots, or anything that could detract from the Attention to Detail Rating. I didnt find anything that stood out like a sore thumb, but then again, I didnt find any minor issues either. I gotta say, this is one seriously solid piece of kit. EDCK&T hit a homerun with this one, I am about to go order one. They are literally THAT good.   

  It has the usual scuffing on the flats from being drawn and re-sheathed, in and out of the Kydex. For our testing data, we needed to know the speed of the draw, and the speed it can be used. We also needed data on stabbing depths, cutting depths, flexibility, and much more. Being that this specific 'Combat Medic' Fist Tanto belongs to a soldier who needs it back ASAP for when he goes back overseas...I wont be doing our usual 12 month endurance and performance testing. However, I will hopefully be receiving updates and performance reports on it while its in our Combat Medics' possession. 

  • Edge Holding Ability- The CPMD2 steel holds a decent to great edge: 8% 
  • Dimensions- The 'Combat Medic' has a great size to weight ratio: 9% 
  • Maneuverability- This blade is super easy to maneuver in CQC: 10%
  • Deployment speed- The 'Combat Medic' deploys wicked fast: 10%
  • Materials & Finish- CPMD2, G10, Kydex, & steel hardware, great stuff: 9%
  • Repairs- You'll have to send it to EDCK&T if you need it repaired: 8%
  • Sharpening- DIY Sharpening is possible with this knife: 9%
  • Accessories- Extra sheaths are available: 8%
  • Longevity- The materials used in the 'Combat Medic' are very tough: 9%
  • Attention To Detail- EDCK&T is very detail oriented: 10%
Great job by EDCK&T and the two guys that designed this one. Keep up the great work everyone. If you all would like more info on this specific knife, please email me,, and I will do wha6 I can.