2012-02-12 Draven SERE-IDASHI Survival Neck Blade

We just received the Draven SERE-IDASHI Survival Neck Blade, opened it, and I must say, its not bad at all. Its beefy, it comes with a nice button compass, some 550 cord, a Miniature Tac-Whistle Lanyard, a Kydex sheath (Thank God), and a small Ferro-rod. The blade is wicked sharp, not just the tip, but the whole edge. Few times in my life have I encountered a knife that I deem: "Scary Sharp"...this is one of the few times.
I am not sure how many of our readers have had the pleasure of owning a full-on custom knife or having their own design made by one of these amazing pros, but if you haven't I can tell you it is worth EVERY PENNY and EVERY SECOND you have to wait. Dravens' work on this SERE-IDASHI Survival Neck Blade project is no exception. It seems to be tough, beefy, and ready to be used!! Time to get it out to the field!! Over the next few months I will post how it holds up, and how the pieces of kit in it are doing as well. 
Here are a few stock photos of the Draven SERE-IDASHI Survival Neck Blade right off the sight. I'll take a few later today in hand so you all get a better idea of size and dimensions. Enjoy the pics, and keep your eyes peeled because we will be getting more stuff from Dravens' Camp soon.