2011-02-21 Crye Precision AC Combat Shirt & Pants Arrive!
I have given them the normal 'once over' that I usually do and they look to be made quite well. Kudos to Crye and their crew. I tried on the AC Combat Set in Black and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they fit. Most BDUs aren't all that comfortable right away, there is usually a break in period, but the AC Combat Set (Shirt and Pants) in Black fit great right out the gate. The pads included for the pants fit great as well, and their sizing chart they directed me to was spot on. It may sound contrived, but I can't recall a pair of pants fitting better than these do. From the field to the urban 'playground', I am confident these pants will fill any role. We'll see how well they're built and find out just how much staying power this gear has over the next year and a half or so. But as for now, I am impressed!

2011-08-16  Crye Precision AC Combat Shirt & Pants STILL GOING STRONG!
No tears, no rips, no true wear spots to speak of, not even any loose threads...and I have truly put these pants and the one Black CP Shirt thru hell. I am excited to see how well they're holding up in another 6 months or so. I did notice some things over time that I wish these pants did have incorporated into them though, but because I dont work for Crye, I will only list the things that are directly related to the existing pants design. I dont want to step on any toes there at Crye, these pants are everything I wanted them to be and more, however every piece of gear can be improved over time. My changes are as follows: I would make the padding around the waist and behind the knee plates just a tiny bit thicker. And I would make the waist band just a bit wider. Its almost perfect for CCW as is, but it could be slightly nicer and more comfortable. There is a stark contrast in the soldier wearing these in the field and the average citizen wearing them for CCW or EDC, and that is something that needs to be constantly kept in mind by the team at Crye. Final Entry and test results coming up in 6-8 months. Stay Tuned.

2012-04-14  Crye Precision AC Combat Shirt & Pants...BATTLE READY, as usual...after 1+YEARs of abuse!
There have been very VERY few product here I have been THIS impressed with. Granted I liked them right out of the box, but almost ANY product looks great right out of the factory, especially the stuff that's made in the USA. For this last entry I decided to take some pics show the wear and tear on these pants over the past 1+ Years of abuse...the main issue I ran into was, they really aren't all that beat up! I figured I had put them thru hell, I certainly put my body thru hell while I was wearing them. Its kinda funny, but short of taking a blade to these pants, they seem to stand up to some serious 'work'.

Above you can see the Crye AC Combat Pants and Shirt are still in almost brand new condition, except for a bit of usual fade from cleaning. But that's quite normal, especially in Black Clothing. There's just nothing you can do about it. Anyways, the pants still fit like the first day I opened the box, The knee pads still fit perfectly and protect my knees just like new, the waist band is still tight and the padding is still working well, the Velcro waist cinch in front; the Velcro tabs on the pockets & the Velcro on the sleeves are still in top shape. No wear and tear on them, they still lock up real fine.

I'd love to go on and on about how wonderful Crye Gear is but if you own it, you already know its top notch, if you dont, they I would suggest you do what you have to do to get your hands on some. You WILL NOT regret the purchase. I assure you. Below are a few suggestions of my own for how to improve the Gear I was sent, a few things I would do differently, or make slight adjustments to. The Crye Precision AC Pants and Shirts are true masterpieces, but even a masterpiece needs a touch up from time to time.

I would add a small internal pocket in front for a light or knife...similar to the original Crye Pants, the Gen1 or Gen2 I think. I would make the front pockets a bit bigger and about 3" deeper, because I noticed when I sit, things fall out of my pockets alot. I would suggest they switch to 'Dual Lock' Type Velcro made by 3M, it has an amazing ability to hold some serious weight and it would set your gear apart from the others using normal Velcro. I would suggest they attach or build-in small thumb-loops or handwarmers (like gloves with no fingers) into the sleeves of the Shirts they make to keep the sleeves in place when putting on a jacket or vest over top of the Crye Shirts. A small forearm pocket on 1 or both of the sleeves would be useful as well.

Now we'll get into the Grading System that we here at Gunmetal have coined the use of. These are the criteria that the ranking of the Crye AC Combat Pants will be based on...10-Categories, Top score of 10% per Catergory (1%-10% possible score per category, depending on various factors), a total of 100% score possible.

  1. Size- Dimensions of Item were great: 10%
  2. Weight- The Weight wasnt bad with/without pads: 10%
  3. Maneuverability- Ease of movement was great: 10%
  4. Materials- Crye Gear is made of Top notch materials: 10%
  5. Repairs- Need repairs, send it back to Crye: 7%
  6. Accessories- Cost & availability are great: 10%
  7. Longevity- One year & 3 Months, no issues: 10%
  8. Capacity- Total pocket carry capacity is good: 8%
  9. Limits- No more than any other BDUs: 10%
  10. Attention To Detail- Crye has top notch ATD: 10%
For a total score of: 95%!!

That'll do it for my current Blog entry on the Crye AC Combat Pants and Shirt. I tested the Black Set, the Ranger Green Pants, and of course, the Multicam Pants. With the receipt of this gear, Crye has earned a lifelong customer and blogger for their gear. Great work Crye Crew!