2012-07-29 CRKT Hisshou Knife

    There are few things in the world that make me angrier than computers. This will be my third attempt at posting this review. I truly hate computers sometimes. Anyways, on to the mission at hand. A few days ago, a package arrived up front. I was in the back working on something and heard my front desk girls yell: "Package". Of course I got excited, but the odd thing is, we never really know whats coming until its here. Anyways, they brought it back to me, and I looked it over. On the return addy it said "BladeHQ", so I instantly knew what it was....the CRKT HISSHOU! I promptly opened it to "oooo's" and "ahhhhh's", and the elation of my staff. We were all quite impressed with the initial product that CRKT has built. We further found this product interesting when we noticed the Display box and high quality construction. It comes with a Very nice Black display box with the words "Certain Voctory" written on it in English, and in Japanese Kanji, with gold paint...and the CRKT logo and lettering. It also includes the Blade itself, an the Kydex sheath w/ belt look and MOLLE Strap. On to my first impressions....

    My first impressions are: The blade is MUCH MUCH bigger than any of us anticipated. We had read its size, but hadn't truly calculated or completely thought out how large it would be. Needless to say, we were all pleasantly surprised. I am a big fan of larger bladed knives and especially larger bladed folders, so this beast with its 12.125" Blade was a perfect fit for my 'large blade' obsessions. The handle is well built, well made, and wrapped in the traditional Japanese Katana Style. The wrapping is tight, and looks to be cotton cord. The Kydex sheath is OK, but it doesn't hold the blade very tightly, however you could fix this with a hairdryer or 'heat-shrink' gun and a bit of knowledge about kydex. The belt-loop included with the sheath is decent, but isn't able to be used on the top set of rivets closest to the opening where one inserts the blade. The reason you cant use the top pair of rivets is, the belt loop is too "tall" on top and gets stuck under the top-end thermo-cast part of the Kydex Sheath. The part it runs into is the outside Kydex casting of the same part where the blade meets the handle on the Tanto itself. Kind of complicated, but if you get one, you will see what I am talking about. However I want to be clear in that it does NOT effect the function or usability of the weapon itself. It is bad to the bone, and deserves a good home, as do all of its friends. :-)

    The next part examined is the blade, which is of rare geometry. The Edge on the Hisshou is ZERO Ground. Zero Grinds, for all of you fellas and ladies who dont know knife nomenclature, means that there is no secondary bevel for the sharp edge, there is just one tall, deep bevel. Zero Grinds provide a stronger edge, a deeper edge, better cutting ability, and more horrific wounds. They can also be easier to sharpen yourself if you know how. maybe we will do an article on that sometime. From what I recall, the Japanese used the Zero Grind, and/or the Convex or 'Apple Seed' grind for their edged weapons, and have for hundreds and hundreds of years. it was used well before the Japanese began using it, however, they were the ones that made that type of edge geometry popular because of their legendary smiths. Their Tahamagane Steel, and Tameshigiri cutting tests they still make and perform to this day made a huge difference in their blades lasting and being such works of art. It could take a year or more sometimes to get a Katana made by a skilled smith back then. There is no doubt about it, the Japanese Smiths of the day (and even now) were Perfectionists in every sense of the word. And the CRKT Hisshou reflects that spirit in its wicked Deep Zero Grinds. Another factor is the Mirror polished flats of the blade and the Satin Finished Bevels, which the Ancient Smiths in Japan would do as well, except they took a lot more time doing theirs. The edge looks to be even, however the Plunge Lines are not even and are not as nice as they could be, and the sharp part of the Zero Ground Edge doesn't go all the way back to the ricasso. Its only just a half inch or less, but it is there.... however, like the sheath, this does not effect the functionality of the blade. I want to make that very clear. The blade still cuts well, my finger can testify to the sharpness of this beast. (Accidents happen) I also want to say that most every "production" knife will have 'flaws', just like custom ones will. No matter how many machines we use for production, there is still a 'human factor' which is fallible. Personally, I prefer a slight flaw here and there for the uniqueness factor. I want to see imperfection, as long as it doesn't effect function.


    One of the coolest parts of this knife is the Display box I mentioned earlier. its got tight molding on the inside for the blade, and even a small shelf to support the beveled part of the blade. That's Attention to Detail! Its lined with 'redish velvet-like' fabric, and clasped by a nice brass fixture. The Hisshou itself fits, however the sheath and belt loop do not. It is nice option for those of you that want one just to show off. The sheath is better for those of you (like myself) that plan to use the crazy beast! I can honestly say the whole knife, handle, sheath, wrapping, and display/presentation box are top of the line, and a great buy for the price.

You can clearly see here in the above pics, the top of the line satin finished blade, and Zero Ground edge. There is no Secondary, like I mentioned earlier...and in these pics (above), you can see it very clearly. The grinds look to be Flat Grinds, and the Angle looks to be roughly 20 degrees. I am not 100% on the angle of the edge though. Its an educated guess, that is until I get out the measuring equipment, but I will save that for the next stage.

Now we move in the specs of this knife. I think you will all be quite interested by the specs. According the the CRKT site, the specs are as follows:
Overall Length:18.38"
Blade Length:13.00"
Blade Thickness:0.260"
Blade Material:YK-30 (Stainless)
Blade Rockwell:57-59HRC
Handle Material:Cord Wrap with Ray Skin Underlay
Weight:16.40 oz.
Sheath Weight:7.00 oz.
Country of Origin/Manufacture:China
Another factor to consider is the price or MSRP on the CRKT website...it is $375.00 whereas the price for the Hisshou on BladeHQ is $220.95!! That nearly $150 savings from the CRKT MSRP! And that's just that one knife, the savings from BladeHQ extend to ALL their products. Which is 1 reason why they have a lifelong partner and customer in me, and my team here at GunMetal Gear Blog. 

Take my word for it! Don't hesitate to go to their site and pick yourself up a new CRKT Hisshou today, it will be the best buy you make for your Edged Combat Tool Loadout all summer long! And while you're there, check out the other offerings they carry. 

Here's a link to their site: http://www.bladehq.com/
Here's the Hisshou link: http://www.bladehq.com/item--CRKT-Hisshou-Fixed-Tanto--7369

There is a marked size difference in the CRKT Hisshou and the CRKT Hissatsu. The blades are almost 6" in difference, and the handles are almost 2" in difference. The handle of the Hissatsu is not wrapped, but it still damn grippy. I wouldn't hesitate to carry either one.

    There is much more to talk about but I will end things here for now.

    I want to issue a HUGE THANK YOU to BladeHQ and their team. Their service, delivery time, and team attitude are well above average, and they are just a real pleasure to deal with in every way. Thank you much BladeHQ. I also want to thank Mr. Mark Christensen for his tireless efforts, continued help and info, and his insight into the knife world. Thank you Sir. We look forward to much more business and such in the future.

    Thank you everyone for reading, dont forget to go get yourself a set of fine CRKT Japanese style Fixed Blades from BladeHQ and do it ASAP!!!
Chief is Out.