2012-07-16 County Comm/Maratac Peanut Lighter

Another item Chief dropped off in our area when he dropped the Goliath Skulls off was this Peanut Lighter from Maratac, supplied by County Comm. Of course you all know we here at GMGB absolutely love County Comm and the fine array and huge variety of gear they provide. I had put in the request for one of these when Chief was sending out contacts to various companies...and now here it was, sitting on my desk.

This lil guy is only .50" in Diameter, just under 2" Tall (1.9" exactly), removable inside piece to fill with lighter fluid, screw on cap and rubber o-rings for seal. Another HomeRun by the team of Maratac and County Comm.

Initial Impressions- Seems tough, well built, I dropped it and nothing broke and nothing came loose, well made, great fit an finish, awesome extras, perfect sizing, made like the proven 'zippo' style design, etc. On the inside of the Peanut Lighter is cotton for absorbing Lighter Fluid and works incredibly. I haven't wind tested it yet, but I can blow it out like a birthday candle, then again, I can do the same thing to a Zippo Lighter so that doesn't answer much. Its just a piece of info.

Below you will see a size comp pic...and other pics...enjoy....

As stated, You see above that each Peanut Lighter comes with an extra Rubber O-Ring, and Flint. Here is a picture that shows just how small it is compared to a normal size Bic.

Out of the Bag, with the Screw-on cap still attached, looking shiny and new. I gotta say again how nice the fit and finish is on these. Great work Maratac!

Here is a pic of the Peanut Lighter without the cap screwed on. Lemme guess, you thought: "thats small"...just wait my friend! The actual Specs are above and something to mention is the fact that CC had such a huge response to their Standard Peanut Lighter, they said they wondered what could be done to make it better...these were the improvements they came up with.
  • Manufacture it out of 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Make it smaller (about .5'' x 1.9")
  • Make it flat on the end so it can be used as an candle in an emergency.
  • Removable lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof stainless steel pill vial
  • Stainless Peanut Lighters™ are made exclusively For CountyComm

The Flame the Peanut puts out is quite nice, and more than adequate for any survival uses. Above is a picture of the flame engaged and lit. The Flint also sparks more than we expected...it throws a decent amount of spark, which you wouldn't expect from such a small lighter. But the Peanut pulls it off quite nicely.  
Below, you can see there is also a smaller version of this style of lighter made by Maratac, believe it or not. It is known as the "Split Pea Lighter". Info and picture from CComm website on the Split Pea Lighter--> Constructed of 300 Series Stainless Steel with a overall height (w/o the split ring) is 1.3" and it's diameter is .5". (Tell me THAT isn't small enough? I'll tell you you're crazy!)

We missed this last time and want to make sure we get it right this time...a HUGE Special THANKS to Mike Burton of County Comm. His tireless efforts to send us EDC Gear for the Blog are much appreciated. Thank you Mr. Burton.

More to come on the Peanut Lighter, stay tuned.

-GunMetal EDC Crew.