2011-12-15: The Condor Knee and Elbow Pad sets arrived a few days back. The 1st thing I noticed was the misspelled words on the packaging cards. The lack of attention to detail began to alarm me before I even opened them, however I reserved my assessment until I had opened them, and used them extensively. Because even if the packaging is bad, or the product looks bad from the outside, it may perform flawlessly under harsh circumstances, so I find it best to try them out before I open my mouth regarding performance. So I will test them for a few months and then let you all know how they're doing. Stay tuned. 

2012-08-17  Condor Knee/Elbow Pad update....

Well I promised I would test these thoroughly...but found that it wasn't necessary. These pads Failed miserably. I wanted to test out the pads, really put them thru the ringer. So I was gonna send them to my buddy in Afghanistan...but I didnt get the chance. A friend of mine was building a new deck for his house, he happened to stop by on his way back from Home Depot, and said: "Man, I forgot the Knee Pads...I wanted to get a new pair while I was there." I offered him the Condor Pads because that would give them a light test, no big deal right? WRONG! He wore them for 3 hours while making his deck, cutting pieces for it, using his nail gun, circ saw, etc. Low and behold, the straps that old the pads on your knees began to fray and lose their elasticity. He called me and told me about it, and said he didnt want to use them any further for fear that he would wreck them altogether. So after only 3 short hours of normal work, NOT ON THE BATTLEFIELD, they began to go south. I dont know what they have left in them, but to me, that says it all...they cant even stand up to simple construction work. Eeeshhh.

Here are some pics of what I am talking about.

From the outside, not to bad...a bit dusty/dirty, but not bad. ....just wait...

Here you can see what I was talking about above...the elastic is fraying.

Up Close and VERY Personal, You would think they would take care to use better products than this.

Here are some focus shots of where the straps are coming undone. You can clearly see them coming apart. People expect better than this.

Now we move on to the Elbow pads...these were run nearly as much as the knee pads, I believe they were only used for an hour for some light duty work. Theyre in ok condition, but even they are starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Like I said, the elbow pads were starting to fray too... All in all...Even without a Final Score (which I will do in a day or so), the team and I can clearly see these are not worth the money. We all used to be of the mind that Condor gear was "so-so" or "ok" gear....certainly not on par with groups like Tactical Tailor, HSGI, TYR, or Blue Force Gear, but if it was all you could afford, then it should help you get the job done.

Well, not anymore. The Gunmetal crew has lost its faith in Condor Gear. :( FAILBOAT!

Think about it this way, If they can't stand up to normal use, how can they possibly do well in battle?