Initially the GM Crew acquired a couple Bushmaster M4s for various product testing and usage. We didn't keep any records about the specs, pros, and cons of the Bushy M4s because we hadn't decided this Blog should to be available to the public yet. However after much persuasion by various inside and outside sources, we brought Gunmetal into the public view...for better or worse.

So on to the info, the Bushy M4 we have put the most rounds through is the one you will see pictured in the photos. We have run Remington, Hornady TAP 5.56x45, Winchester WB, Mk 262 Mod 1, Black Hills 68 grain HP, M856 Tracer, M855, M193, Federal 64 grain SP, and more. There are some other types of ammo we have been wanting to try out, but haven't had the chance, or the permission to yet. For example, the M855A1 Green Tip Ball rounds, or the M995 Black Tip AP rounds...both of which we have requests in for, however we haven't gotten our mitts on them just yet.
We also ran a variety of mags in this M4 including the HK M4/SA80 Mags with the Black Followers and Maritime finish, the MagPul PMags, Brownells 30rd AR15 Mags, and a few of the basic Mil-Spec M4 Mags in 20rd and 30rd sizes. I do believe though, the types of mags, the various types of ammo, and the sheer number of rounds run through this particular M4 speaks VOLUMES (not a joke about ear protection) for the Bushmaster M4/AR line up. After over a year of shooting this beast, it has only needed one part replaced... the buffer tube. According to our gunsmiths, the buffer tube is made of Aircraft Aluminum, whereas the Castle Nut is made of heat treated steel in most cases. So naturally, if the threading isn't lined up exactly perfect, the Castle Nut can cross thread or strip the buffer tube threading.   

Normally I am not all that impressed with the M4 Platform because they are all basically the same in alot of ways, but the Bushy has some 'Long-Haul DNA' in it for sure.

The other M4s we are in the process of 'testing' are many, so we will see if any of the others have 'Long-Haul DNA' like this Bushy does. As far accuracy goes, the Groups it holds shooting unsupported  with just irons at 100yds (even after one year of abuse), speak for themselves. Keep up the good work Bushmaster...oh and anytime you all want to send over one of them ACRs, feel free.

So now its on to the final score for the Firearms Criteria: 98%

  • Maneuverability, Size, and Weight- The XM15 is easy to move in tight spots. The Size and Weight are comparable to other M4's in the 16" Barrel variant. Score: 10%
  • Accuracy- This M4/AR shoots straight, and holds tight groups even after over a year of hard use. They should last longer, so I will keep you updated. Score: 10%
  • Reload time/Reload Speed- Reloading the mags takes a bit of time and isn't easy to do under pressure, Mag Change speed is great, if you know the M4/AR platform. Even if you dont, its still easy to do fast.  Score: 8%
  • Caliber, Cap, Availability- This M4/AR is compatible with 5.56x45 NATO/Military rounds, and .223cal rounds. Some are one or the other...the XM15E2S is compatible with both. The Mags take 20, 30, 60 or even 100 rds. Availability is great, its almost unlimited. Score: 10%
  • Materials- Its made of Aircraft Aluminum, Steel, and Polymers. According to our info, All are top of the line and made in the USA. Score: 10%
  • Longevity- After over a year, its still punching small groups in the 'out of the box' configuration... we will see as time goes on if the groups get wider, and I am thinking of seeing about getting a 'tuned up' model. Score: 10%
  • Repairs- Ease and cost of repairs is nominal. Most repairs you can do on your own, if you understand basic gun work. Cost is variable, so many parts available for the M4/AR Platforms. Score: 10%
  • Accessories & Upgrades- As before, there is a Lions Share of Accessories and Upgrades available for the M4/AR Platform. They are the "Lego sets" of firearms. (And its truly a good way) Score: 10%
  • Limits- There are no real limits to this carbine. Stopping power can be a problem, but it can be adjusted with various rounds. Score: 10%
  • Attention To Detail- The ATD is great on the XM15E2S models. I would be hard pressed to find an issue that was out of line. Score: 10%