Bloke Z D2 Folder meat testing

Written by: Dane Draven Lawrence

Strike first with the Bloke Z!!!

Many knives have crossed my path since I began collecting them at the age of 8 years old. Back then I wouldn't have know what I wanted in a knife, and sometimes I think I still don't. But after years of collecting, carrying, and learning to use them properly, I can tell you I know what I like. The Bloke Z is at the very top of the list of folders I like, for multiple reasons.Below, you will see my version of Meat Testing. I use a shooting dummy, 2" inch thick steaks (Sim muscle and bone), saran wrap (Sim skin and the in between layers), and various clothing to simulate what a bad guy might wear in reality and what a knife wound may do to various body parts...aka the arm.


The Bloke Z, a work of sharp folding art wrapped in a black cloak of imaginative design characteristics. One thing that I hadn't expected when I first pulled out this knife was the quality of the materials. Most companies are using steels like CrMoV321-Oscar-roger-pickle-Zulu. And as the names of the steels get longer, the quality gets worse. You'll noticed the steel KS is using is a simple but perfect steel, one of the best tool steels ever invented, D2. Granted, they also offer their knives in AUS8, which is a decent steel in its own right. I prefer D2 cause I know it's limits and what it's capable of, but I wouldn't hesitate to use any KS blade in either steel.


There are multiple characteristics to every knife, but the two main ones will always be design, and materials. KS has materials taken care of and then some... steel, handle materials, and hardware. And they do such a great job of choosing materials that you can often overlook the designs themselves. Their designs are extremely well thought out though, and the Bloke Z follows that tradition. I found it held comfortably in my hand in saber grip, hammer grip, and even reverse grip. The handle is designed so well that it's comfortable in any of those 3 grips. It feels like it was designed for all three, a feat in and of itself.


The blade design is also another feat of design perfection. It is ground to a great combination of length and width. So that the blade is long enough to handle alot of tasks you'd normally need a larger knife for, but wide enough to take on many more jobs you would also normally need a larger knife for. The Bloke Z also fills the roll of a combat folder quite nicely, with a blade that is just barely under 4 inches... 3.9 inches to be exact. The tip is ground to quite a sharp point, and sports a mighty strong piercing ability. The blade also has a clip point design to further help it's ability to penetrate.


Blade length: 3.9 inches

OAL: 8.9 inches

Handle length: 5 inches

Weight: 6.75 oz.

Handle materials: G10 and Stainless Steel liners

Blade Steel: D2

Made in Kizlyar, Russia


The large groove in the blade, grooves in the thumb ramp, and the grooves in the rear of the handle all offer extra grip and more options for completing more tasks than many knives of the same size. In the pictures, you will see many of the grips that are possible, and from these grip pics, you can determine what's possible for you to do with this knife.


Above you can see 2 pics where the Bloke cut into the #5 area and did a decent cut, roughly about 1.5" inches long and about 3/4" inch deep, not bad. The next pic is the cut made in the #4 area of the arm(Fake arm on a dummy, no one was hurt), and heres where the Bloke really showed what it was made of!! Its hard to tell cause of the shirt and saran wrap but it cut over 2 inches long and over 1 and a half inches DEEP!!! I didnt apply any more or less pressure thru each cut, all I did was increase or decrease speed and change WHERE I cut... and these were the results.

As a survivalist, I carry and use many many edged tools. All of which are essential to my survival when called upon to complete their specific tasks. But in my E&E bag I only have enough room for one knife, the knife I chose was the Bloke Z... And for good reason.Thank you again Konstantin... You are a good friend. Keep up the amazing work!! If you fellow Survivalists want to pick up one of these or the nect knife I am about to review (Its actually named the Survivalist!!), then go to or a whole host of other online stores to find K.S. Knives. I recommend Blade HQ as my top choice in retail buying outlets for Kizlyar Surpreme. Thank you and we'll see you next time. 

 (I have an upcoming Meat Test article and results on an Emerson Super Karambit, stay tuned for that nightmare.)