2012-09-14  Hello out there in Gunmetal Gear Blog World. So we wanted to come in and update ya'll on the BlackHawk HawkHook Tool. We have been using it consistently, on the job, at home, out and about, and in situations we never thought we would be needing it for, but we did.

So I'll just get right into it. The darn thing is still going strong. Very few Scuffs on the finish, still cutting like it was just bought yesterday, and the handle still locks up nice and tight. Crazy stuff. Anyways, I'm sure you guys want to see pics f this update and such. We cut thru some 1/8" thick by 3" wide 'Ballistic Nylon' Straps to show how sharp it still is and how beastly the cutting ability of it STILL is. And of course if you guys have been reading the blog, then you know Sharpness isnt just about steel type, is mostly about "EDGE GEOMETRY". <~Maybe some day I will have EDCK&T teach you guys about that side of things, he know more ta me so someday I will convince him to explain it. Pics time.....


Well at some point we will do the "Final Thoughts" part of the article, probably about 3 more months. But I can say with some assurance that this knife will be kicking some butt long after that. You guys know our Blog is all about "Longevity" and how tough a product is, and for how long it stays tough. Well, the Black Hawk Hawk Hook is definitely holding its own.
Stay tuned for more updates from the Toolmakers/Designers at the Blackhawk HQ. We are going to be requesting the LONG Overdue Tatang soon. Hopefully we will get it. If not....oh well.

   Hello out there in Gunmetal Gear Blog World. We have a treat for you guys. A Blackhawk brand HawkHook just arrived last night and we have dropped everything to do the initial review on it. Right out of the box I was completely impressed. The packaging is awesome, the directions are sound and well explained(which isn't the case with some of the other strap cutting tools, I wont say which ones though), and the tool itself was truly Top of the Line. For the MSRP that Blackhawk is asking, you really can't get a better deal with this level of quality. It is clear that this tool was meant as a rescue tool, but was also meant to multi-task and fill multiple roles: at the scene of an accident, during a crisis situation, in a survival situation, and even on the battlefield. Some people who may find this tool useful are: Soldiers, Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics, Combat Medics, Para-Rescuemen, Spec Ops, Pilots and Fighter Pilots, Rescue Workers of all types, SAR Teams, SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams, Survivalists and Survival Instructors, EOD Teams, and many many many more. The benefits include, its construction, the features/tools provided, the compact package it folds into, the numerous uses each tool has, the well-made and springy pocket clip, the non-reflective blade, the absolutely RAZOR SHARP blade edges...and yes, there's more.

    The construction is where I am mainly impressed....this thing is TOUGH!!! It has a Framelock style handle set up, the Frame-lock piece is made of Steel, and the opposite handle scale is a popular, tough handle material known as G10...which keeps the weight down, and the strength rating up. Its easy to see why the HawkHook won Safety Product of the Year from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Again, This tool is made from great materials: From the non-reflective bead-blasted AUS8A blade, to the G10 handles and Spring Steel Pocket clip, on to the Steel Frame-lock Mechanism which is also bead-blasted for a non-reflective finish. This compact package comes in at a surprising 3.187" Length (Closed), and a REALLY surprising 5.5" OAL (Open). When I said this lil' guy was compact, I wasn't joking. It is so versatile and useful, I am still finding other uses for it today as we test it. Just look at the pics below, it is small, and easy to carry. And as we all know, our soldiers are always looking to reduce the amount of weight they carry...this tool would be a truly helpful addition to any soldiers' load-out, being that it replaces the need to carry separate tools that do each of the functions this tool provides. 

    My team and I began the testing this morning, and we started out with the Hawkhooks' cutting edges. We decided to go ahead and do some basic Cardboard testing...can it cut, how long can it cut, how long will it hold its edge, does it rip or actually cut, and so on. I had a box that needed opening, so we used that to start with. The Hawkhook GutHook Edge literally sliced thru the cardboard like "butta", the Serrated Edge tore right thru the box and ripped like its supposed to, and the wire strippers work great too. I took example pics of the Guthook and Serrated Edges doing their part. See them below.

    We also tested the screwdriver at the tip of the Hawkhook...it was a simple, easy test. The screwdriver worked great and held up to plenty of torque. Of course its not meant for heavy, HEAVY use like a tool made specifically for that purpose, but it works damn nice on all the flat head screws I used it on, nonetheless. 

    We moved on to testing the Hook and Serrations on 1.5" wide Heavy Nylon Strap material. The Hawkhook performed as we all expected it too...even after cutting thru numerous pieces of cardboard and ripping with the serrations thru the tape and cardboard of the earlier mentioned box. Initially some of the crew thought the Hook would be dull after the cardboard, but as you can see from the pics below, it was NOT DULL. It was still excessively sharp. (I knew it would be.)


    The aftermath of what was done to those straps was far above and beyond any testing we've seen or done with Strap Cutting yet. AUS8A can be a tricky steel to Heat Treat, but Blackhawk obviously knows how to do it right. The other factor to note would be the blade finish and how well its still holding up to all the initial abuse we are putting it thru. I would have guessed it would be showing some signs of wear by now, but it isn't. It looks like a Bead-Blasted finish, but it holds up like a nice Cera-Kote. Another point scored for Blackhawk.

    The shots above with the ruler were taken after the initial cutting tests, and show just how well the finish on the blade is holding up. The Lockup on the Knife is solid as well, no rattle or play at all, which is rare for a production knife. All the grinds look to be symmetrical and even, along with being incredibly sharp as stated above. Plus the Pocket Clip is very strong and keeps the Hawkhook in my pocket securely.

    There are far too many benefits and tests to do in one post, so I will end the first entry for the Blackhawk Hawkhook by saying simply this... BUY ONE! If you already own one, BUY ANOTHER ONE. Remember one of Murphys little known laws of combat, two is one, and one is none...always have a backup. Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Greg.

    Be on the look out for our next installment in 3-6 months where we test the glass breaker, the screwdriver gets more testing as does the wire stripper, we see if the blades are still holding their edges after months of hard use, and we test the bottle opener. Thanks again, Chief out.