Survival Grips: Model 1911 Govt.
(Other models available)

Grips made by: Gunmetal LLC
Article written by: Dane D. Lawrence (DDL)

Since 2005, the team at Gunmetal LLC has been working on various projects for Survival, firearms, and edged tools. With our Patent Pending designed Grips, we are putting out our own versions for the 1911(and other firearms), but ours are different. Ours have survival equipment included in the grips in a specific pattern with proprietary gear in the grips.

If you consider a pilot for the military, a spec ops team, a sniper, or any other warrior who carries weaponry.... 9 times out of 10, IF they have to run, egress, eject from their aircraft, or escape somehow, the one thing they almost ALWAYS have on them (even of they drop or lose all of their other gear) is their Sidearm. So we thought, why not put alot of the survival gear they would need in their grips on their sidearm? However, that's just the military or LEO applications of this tech, we ALSO offer these kits to civilians/survivalists/preppers. There are some kits and load-outs that are LEO/Military only though, like our "Mil-Spec/Mil-Tech E&E Grips". Our MS/MT E&E Grips cannot be sold to the general public because of whats in the kits. 

We have numerous configurations for the load-out in the grips, all of which are Pat. Pending... and we have many models available for many types of guns. We have all 3 classic 1911 sizes, Beretta 92 series, the Ruger MkII, MKIII, 22/45, and the other Ruger Mark series pistols, the Sig 226, 229, 220, and some of the other SIGs, various revolver models, and more. We also have survival kits and grips for rifles, the M4/AR15, the AK47/74, M1A, SCAR 16/17, Tavor, 10/22, etc. We have kits for Bolt action rifles too but it depends on the stock set up you have, Rem700 S/A and L/A, Win70, SAKO TRG, and more. We have gunsmiths on staff that can work on your gun to make it compatible with our kits if need be. Almost ANY gun can be fitted with survival gear the way WE do it, just email us and we'll have one of our gunsmiths talk to you about what custom options we can do for you, your family, or your unit.

We also offer packaged sets of grips in bulk for shops to carry, as well as our other survival products. Just contact us at our email address:  And many more products and options are available, including E&E kits for other firearms, specialty load-outs tailored to your needs, special 'Exclusive' load-outs just for your shop, special civilian E&E kits, and so on. Just contact us and we will work with you to figure it out and get you what you need.

Currently, the base set of grips are Black textured G10 and will be priced anywhere from $85/pr. to $100/pr. to $150/pr. for the really high end gear models. The custom model grips will be priced as they're made/prototyped. We will be offering other colors, patterns, grips textures, and more, very soon... so stay tuned for that. In the base model grips Model-01 or M-01 we have the Black Textured G10 Grips, a small button compass, a Ferro Rod, 2 razor blades, 4 fish hooks, 5 sinkers, fishing line, and snare wire. The way we secure everything inside and keep it from rattling is proprietary and a closely guarded secret, but they are held in very securely. The packaging will also include a small pamphlet on how to use the gear contained within and some helpful survival tips.
In the pics you can see the compass when the grips are attached, we can make it so the compass just fits inside the grips and you cant see it at all unless you take the grips off. We recommend in the instructions that you get or keep grips screws that use a flat head screwdriver to remove them because it is the easiest type to remove in a survival or E&E situation. We can also use smaller or larger compasses or other 'direction-finding' options. We also offer other options for the Survival kit including a magnetized needle and thread, larger ferro rods, lifeboat matches, a small custom knife blade/arrowhead, a micro spear tip, a micro harpoon, a micro gaff, gun cleaning supplies, different size compasses, and a ton of other options. Keep in mind the SIZE of the Grips is directly proportionate to what we can fit in them. If the grips are for a small 1911 officers model, then we cant include as much gear in those. Its rather obvious but we need to say it. Anyways, let us know what you think so far.  

Thank you for looking and please feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Our website is undergoing updating and maintenance and should be up & running in the next few days. We will post the updated addy when its back up. Thank you for your patience.