"Kizlyar Supreme Savage D2 Knife & UTE Folder: Awesome alone, perfect as a team."

The team at Kizlyar Supreme is a team like we have never encountered. The knives of their we have handled and the ones they have allowed us to donate to our friends in the military have ALL...not just a few... But ALL been of the highest quality and tightest tolerances. Every knife they send impresses me and makes me want to know more about the team behind this company. I first got my hands on the KS Savage and UTE Folder a few months back when they arrived here from Kizlyar, Russia.

Both knives had extremely stout construction and their edge geometry was quite symmetrical. It is also worth noting that the boxes they shipped in were high quality and nicely made, which is always a good sign when any knife is handled initially. If you have ever owned any cheap knives, you can always tell the boxes they come in are low quality and have bad printing and graphics on them. The KS Savage and UTE were not in low quality boxes at all. Let's move on to the actual knives construction.

The Savage knife is D2 Steel with Black G10 handles, literally some of the best materials out there for knife making. Both of which are used by many of the bigger cutlery companies here in the USA. The Savage has a sheath made of Kydex and Riveted at key stress points. It also has a great Polymer Belt loop and the newest versions are reported to be come with MOLLE compatible hardware for mounting to modern military gear. It also comes with a paracord lanyard, as most fixed blade KS knives do. It's extremely sharp and the D2 Steel holds that edge consistently.

The shape of the blade that the Savage has, is a well known and infinitely useful profile. The shape is widely known as a "Recurve" blade. In this case, the word "Recurve" refers to the way the tip of the blade slopes down, forms into a belly at the front half of the blade, and as that edge travels back towards the choil or plunge line, the edge slopes gradually back, upwards, and then back down. Similar to a stretched out "S" shape. The spine can vary widely with Recurve knives, but KS has made theirs so it can be utilized a variety of ways.

When you are ready to pick up a Savage D2 fixed blade knife visit: http://kizlyarsupreme.ru/outdoor-series/new-savage-d2-black

The UTE folder comes with a 440C stainless steel blade, which is a time-tested and proven stainless steel. Better than 440A, stronger and more corrosion resistant than 420HC, the steel that KS chose for those knife is a great one. The handle scales of the UTE are rough textured G10, and the liners are made of Stainless Steel as well. The lock up of the liner lock is solid and the pivot is strong. There is a built in glass breaker at the rear of the handle and it works well... A little too well I might add. The pocket clip is tightly held with three screws, and it holds this knife in your pocket with no problem.

The UTE is extremely sharp, shaving sharp... Just like all KS knives. The UTE is easy to open and will open quickly with your thumb. Another great feature of the UTE is at the rear of the knife... The bottle/can opener and flathead screwdriver feature. Few tactical folders have this feature in this day and age, and we thank Kizlyar Supreme for it.

When you are ready to pick up a UTE 440C GT Folder visit: http://kizlyarsupreme.ru/folding-knives/new-ute-440c-gt-gray-g10

Or visit: http://kizlyarsupreme.ru/folding-knives/new-ute-440c-gt-green-g10

When I first handled the Savage Knife, I was surprised and impressed by the feeling of the handle in my hand. With the machined G10 handles, the Kizlyar team has made a knife thats handles will aid your grip. As many of us who have used knives extensively know, your grip will get very tired after a specific length of time while chopping, cutting, or using that knife in any way.

The problem I have encountered with many knives are the slippery handles, especially during hard use and "chores". Even the simple tests we do here at Gunmetal get my hands so slippery that I find myself wondering why more companies done research this problem. Clearly, Kizlyar Supreme has researched it, and designed handles and 3D handle scales that aid in the remedy of this problem.

KS is well aware of what makes a good knife and they put that knowledge and quality into each edged tool they make. I know I have said this before, but they are literally one of the best knives on the market. I have reviewed ALOT of knives, my readers know this, but KS is one of those companies that is not only smart in design, the are holding all their products to a Supreme (Or Kizlyar Supreme) level of quality. I want to send a special thanks to Konstantin K. And say "Keep up the amazing work Kizlyar Surpeme team." thank you.

If you want to learn more about Kizlyar Supreme knives please visit: http://kizlyarsupreme.ru/