LAPG ATLAS Pants w/ STS: Incredible, Tactical, and Super Practical!!

March 21, 2017
LAPG ATLAS Pants w/ STS: Incredible, Tactical, and Super Practical!!
Written by: Dane D. L.

    A few weeks back a package arrived in the mail and included within was 2 pairs of LAPG Atlas pants with the Stretch Tech System (STS), one pair in Charcoal Grey and one pair in the Sierra color. The Sierra color tends to look like something akin to a brownish grey-green color. Personally, I love it. Its the perfect 'low profile' color for wearing around town. The Charcoal Grey is another great example of a low profile color too. I am quite impressed with LAPG's choice in colors for these pants. It is clear to me that they took the time to think about which colors would be good for that low profile look that is so lacking in other pants, and which colors were needed for the Police Officers and Depts all over the USA, and abroad. They hit the nail on the head with these.

    Now the features. The features on these pants are numerous.... from the zippered pockets with internal mini-pockets to secure smaller items, to the bit of elastic in the waistband to accommodate more extreme movements. These pants also feature strong stretch panels in high stress areas that require alot of flexibility and freedom of movement. They have internal knee pad pockets, deep front pockets with extra fabric sewn onto the lower areas for clipping your pocket knife to, rear slash pockets, front 'mag pocket' for various size pistol magazines, knives, multitools, flashlights, pens, or other long, thin items you may need to carry with you. The front pockets are actually an interesting shape in that they are cut/sewn into a "L" shape, making them easier to access, deeper, and as previously mentioned, they can be used to clip a pocket knife to. They feature "front of the thigh" knife pockets as well, but they are big enough to also fit some cell phones.

    They also have double-stitched hems along the ankles along with a re-enforced heel area  with a few layers of fabric. The Belt loops are wide, thick, and strong enough to run a 'riggers belt' thru them without an issue. LAPG made sure to Bartack the other stress zones that are common failure points for many pants. The high quality stretch panels are in the seat/crotch area, and the upper waist area to allow for extreme movement. And finally, the button and zipper are very nicely done and look to be high quality and built to last. In short, I would recommend these pants to ALL of my friends in the Military, ANY and ALL Police Depts, and I would recommend them to my buds in the EMS world, even the ones who work primarily in the hospital. These are also a great choice for camping, paintball or airsoft players, hiking, rock climbing, and many other sports. These pants are tough and well made. For the price of just $35.00, its hard to beat a pair that will last this long. GREAT WORK LAPG!! Keep it UP!!

And if youre wondering how much stuff you can fit in these pants.... This is what I was carrying in them during the photoshoot. Knives, Wallet, Business card holder, phone, spare mags, 1911, keys holster, mini knife, and sunglasses. AND I STILL HAD ROOM!! LAPG ATLAS PANTS.... GET...THEM!!

    See them here:

    A Special Thanks to Ryan over at LAPG. You guys are super generous over there, thank you so very very much. I look forward to talking more and working together more. Thanks.

    Ok Gunmetal Gear Blog Fans, Until next tme, keep your six clear, stay strong.

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