GunMetal Gear Blog: DONATIONS

Lately we have been asked a lot by our readers and companies that we review for: "How can we help further your organization?" "What can we do to help?" Well, after talking it over with a few of the writers here, it was decided that we will take Donations to keep the BLOG up and running with enough Bandwidth and Storage for all our Pics, Articles, Descriptions, and so on. I want to be EXTREMELY CLEAR in saying that any and all Donations go to running the site, testing the gear, taking pics, flying in experts for specific testing, and anything else directly related to GunMetal Gear Blog. If you wold like to Donate to GunMetal Gear Blog, please click on the Paypal Donation Button, or if you want to Donate directly thru your own Paypal acct, our Paypal address is:   -Thank You- Crew Chief & The Writing Team